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Daniel Frederick Bakeman

Bakeman was 109 when he died in 1869, the sole known survivor from the American Revolution who also witnessed both World Wars.

He and Susan married when he was twelve, and together enjoyed an illustrious life for 91 years and 12 days – the longest claimed union in history.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Frederick Bakeman was born in Schoharie County, New York on October 9, 1759. At age 18, he joined the Tryon County militia and participated in the Battle of Johnstown. Later he married Susan Brewer and had eight children before dying at Freedom in Cattaraugus County on April 5, 1869.

He was the last survivor to receive a pension for their service in the American Revolutionary War and, later on, became the oldest person ever buried in an American cemetery. Additionally, he celebrated every Fourth of July within his lifetime by firing his flint lock musket thirteen times at its annual celebrations.

His and his wife shared the longest claimed marriage ever: 91 years and 12 days! Their incredible longevity is testimony to both of their hardiness; in an era where men and women traditionally lived separate lives, this hardscrabble couple managed to form an enduring loving partnership despite all odds.

Professional Career

He lived through many extraordinary inventions during his 109 years, such as trains, gas lighting, elevators, the sewing machine and photography. His pension file contains records, letters and testimony documenting this incredible life journey.

On June 17, 1915 – the 140th Anniversary of Bunker Hill – on behalf of Olean Chapter Daughters of American Revolution an official bronze marker was placed at his gravesite, along with a wreath and memorial tribute; Taps was played.

He published several scientific papers and conducted research in design rule checking algorithms and large-scale distributed simulations using supercomputers for the Department of Defense (DoD). In 1998, he served on the Board of Directors for the Coalition of Academic Supercomputing Centers as well as various professional committees.

Achievement and Honors

Bakeman was a private in the Tryon County militia and participated in the Battle of Johnstown. Although no records to support his claims remain, authorities found Bakeman’s descriptions credible and awarded him a pension.

He was the last American Revolution veteran to receive a pension and died at age 109 in Freedom, Cattaraugus County, New York. His gravesite bears an official bronze marker as well as a commemorative wreath presented by Olean Chapter of DAR.

Bakeman focuses his research efforts primarily on developmental psychology, language acquisition and social psychology. Additionally, he investigates joint attention and psychiatry; while his interpersonal relationship work often touches upon Communication quality issues and Autism spectrum disorder.

Personal Life

Bakeman was present for many groundbreaking inventions that changed daily life, such as trains, gas lighting, elevators and the sewing machine. Additionally, he participated in every presidential election since the birth of America up until his passing.

Er was the last known soldier from the Revolution to receive a pension and continued living almost four years post-Civil War, never losing his sense of humor in old age – as evidenced by one story when some men digging a well were trapped under 18 feet of earth!

He died April 5, 1869 and is buried at Sandusky Cemetery in Freedom, Cattaraugus County, New York. A 2.5 x 4 carte-de-visite portrait of him can be found at Olean in New York’s DAR collection.

Net Worth

Daniel Frederick Bakeman was the last living veteran of the Revolutionary War to receive a pension from the government for his services, passing away in Freedom, New York at age 109 on April 5, 1869.

He married Susan Brewer in 1782. They lived together in Herkimer County where Bakeman owned and managed his farm while taking various jobs to support his family. To obtain wheat and supplies for his remote home near Albany – each trip taking two days round trip – and his home burned three times!

Bakeman prefers not to share details about his past relationships and ex-girlfriends, while currently remaining single.

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