Daniel Beeker

Daniel Beeker

Daniel Beeker brings over 45 years of experience to the electronic systems industry. His specialty lies in developing microcontroller and microprocessor tools as well as providing PCB designers worldwide with layout techniques for EMC compliance and signal integrity.

He has presented at various conferences such as PCB East/West and DesignCon, and hosted multiple webinars for Sierra Circuits. Additionally, he founded the PCB Africa project.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Beeker was born in Shelbyville, Indiana in the United States. He is married to Becky Yeley and they reside in Hope Michigan together with his two children Nicole Mikel and Carly Sara Beeker. Daniel’s parents are Tom and Anita Beeker with two other brothers Michael and Stephen Beeker as well as his grandmother Madesta Ray from Columbus Ohio. Daniel attended University of Kentucky for electrical engineering before going on to Purdue for master’s in mechanical engineering studies.

Beeker began writing books on circuit board design in the nineties, attracting Freescale’s attention with his first work. His books center around basic physics as applied to circuit boards and have led to seminars being given by him.

Professional Career

Daniel Beeker has over 42 years of experience working in electronics. His areas of expertise include microprocessor and microcontroller design, PCB layout techniques for EMC/signal integrity purposes and automotive applications support with NXP customers worldwide. In addition, Daniel teaches field-based design techniques both within NXP as well as at industry conferences – one such event being Ralph Morrison himself whom Daniel credits as his mentor in electronic engineering.

At Altium Live conference series events, PCB East and West conferences, DesignCon and webinars for Sierra Circuits he frequently serves as a speaker. Holding both a Bachelor of Science degree in finance as well as a Master of Business Administration from University of Florida, he currently is part of SRS Florida team specializing in both buyer and seller representation for assets located within its borders.

Achievement and Honors

Beeker was honored to receive UBM Publishing’s Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) award as the Embedded Systems Conference Speaker of the Year and served as keynote presenter at Altium Live 2017. Additionally, he regularly presents for PCB East/West conferences, DesignCon/Embedded Systems conferences, IEEE EMC Society training events and Sierra Circuits special events.

Success with his first book opened up a host of seminars about applying basic physics principles to fast circuit board design, leading him to write 15 books on this subject – most recently including one which explored energy management within circuit boards as a perspective often neglected in circuit theory studies.

Beeker works for NXP Automotive as well as being part-owner of the Hershey Bears USHL franchise alongside Bruce Boudreau and Bob Woods, officiating over 2,600 AHL games including five Hershey Bears championship teams.

Personal Life

His loved ones include his wife, Becky M. Yeley of Hope; daughters Nicole Mikel and Carly Sara Beeker both from Hope; daughters Tom Beeker (Shelbyville Ohio), Glen Beeker of Shelbyville Ohio and Angela Coursey from Springfield Missouri – as well as Jean A. Beeker who resided in Hope – his grandchildren Bethany Beeker Zavitz and Crystie Stewart; Jesse Beeker, Dustin Beeker Mindy Dinkins and Michael Doughty and great-grandchildren Keegan Katey Kyra and Charlotte

Beeker attributes his distinct approach to EMC to Ralph Morrison, whose foundation textbook on grounding and shielding techniques from 1967 was one of the first books that linked basic physics with circuit board design; giving him a different viewpoint than most EMC books could. He also credits Rick Hartley as being instrumental in teaching him how to approach EMC from a scientific viewpoint.

Net Worth

Beeker is an estimated $4.9 million property owner and rancher, serving on the board of directors of ICSC real estate investment firm as well as making donations to political causes including Alabama Republican Party. Erichsen has over two decades of experience working in EMC and PCB design. Since 2010, he has taught field-based design techniques at NXP customer and industry conferences. Since 2017, he has also specialized in the IC package and development tool design to increase EMC performance and has contributed to over 20 IC designs. On his farm in Alabama Power Country regulated by Public Service Commission for cattle ranching purposes leased back from Alabama Power. Erichsen strongly opposes President Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

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