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Personal Injury Attorney – Daniel Benji

As an aggressive and skilled litigation attorney, he is an irrepressible force in the legal field. He has won published jury verdicts and secured top-rated settlements in numerous personal injury cases.

He possesses extensive expertise in handling car, trucking, rideshare, bicycle and pedestrian accidents as well as any related to traffic-related matters. Each case he prepares is intended to go before a jury.

Early Life and Education

Benji is a fierce ally for his clients. He understands it takes dedication and patience to overcome injuries.

He knows how to navigate cases from start to finish in court and has gained recognition as an adept trial advocate, having won multiple jury trials against top defense attorneys and expert witnesses.

Benji was living an exciting and fulfilling childhood; yet his life also held many challenges and difficulties. He often got into mischief which upset and disappointed his grandmother; when asked by her why he did certain things he always had his own explanation; telling her he wanted to make his grandma proud of him.

Professional Career

Benjamin has made his mark both writing about national security issues and as an adviser and special assistant to President Bill Clinton on foreign policy matters. Additionally, his book The Age of Sacred Terror won both the Arthur Ross Prize from the Council on Foreign Relations as well as being featured on New York Times and Washington Post bestseller lists.

Experienced trial attorney, he has taken hundreds of depositions of defendants, experts and law enforcement officials. Additionally, he frequently prevails in demurrers, motions to strike and other pre-trial matters.

His firm believes in his ability to settle cases quickly for significant compensation without resorting to trial, and as a result is known among insurance companies for being an aggressive litigator who can achieve optimal results for his clients.

Achievement and Honors

Benji has been representing Scotch College cricket as part of the first grade team since 2018. His self-motivation and discipline have allowed him to achieve honours in this sport, in addition to playing tennis for University Club.

Benji is a fierce litigator in the legal field, who does not back down from any challenge. He strives to produce optimal results for his clients. Benji has earned numerous top jury verdicts in personal injury cases.

He enjoys hunting and the great outdoors, teaching kids wilderness skills in Idaho’s remote backcountry during summer camp and leading big game hunts in its remote backcountry; even carrying pack goats on these expeditions to ensure further and faster travel. His wife and family provide constant encouragement to pursue his goals.

Personal Life

Benji exudes the square jawed earnestness of a high school quarterback ready to win state. His eyes possess the deep, liquid brown hue that comes from being half-melted chocolate bar. Furthermore, Benji sports an impressive salt-and-pepper coat that feels silky to touch.

He boasts extensive litigation experience, frequently winning demurrers, motions to strike, pre-trial matters, trial matters and post trial matters in California venues as lead counsel. Furthermore, his clients often win cases which are perceived by other attorneys and defense experts to be difficult.

Benji lived and worked in Minnesota from 2014-2015, working at both Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble (which was so exciting!) and Hudson Bay Dinner Cruise Line as a singing waiter – until he began struggling psychologically and self-medicating once more. Now living with Cameron Diaz, Benji enjoys their peaceful, happy relationship together.

Net Worth

Benji specializes in personal injury litigation in California, and is experienced at representing claims for wrongful death, catastrophic injuries such as loss of limbs and traumatic brain injuries as well as spinal disc, facet, and nerve injuries. He regularly preside over depositions as well as motions to strike, demurrers and summary judgments with great success.

He has made headlines for several popular TikTok videos and amassed over 27 million followers between YouTube and Tiktok, where he goes by benjikrol. Additionally, he has collaborated with various brands to produce sponsored content while competing in grappling tournaments around the country and participating in theatre productions like Sleep No More, A Strange Loop and To Kill a Mockingbird on Broadway.

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