Daniel Bergin

Attorney Daniel Bergin

Attorney Daniel Bergin is an accomplished defense lawyer offering various legal services. His expertise includes providing representation against criminal charges related to identity theft, check or credit card fraud and gambling-related offenses.

The Commission alleges in its complaint against Bergin that he used his position at Cushing to secretly trade master limited partnerships and MLP-related securities through his wife’s brokerage accounts, yielding illegal profits estimated at approximately $1.7 Million.

Early Life and Education

Bergin hails from Minneapolis and holds a degree from the University of Minnesota. Since graduating he has held leadership roles on boards like Intermedia Arts, St Paul Neighborhood Network and IFP MN; additionally being honored as both a Bush Leadership Fellow and Twin Cities Public Television Emmy Award Winner.

Devout Catholic, he prided himself in his ability to articulate, intellectualise and simplify aspects of Catholicism. Furthermore, he served as master of the Guild of Saint Luke, Saints Cosmas and Damian.

He advocated for decreasing abortions and supporting pro-life legislation, creating JCamp, a non-profit program for high school journalists. Additionally, he worked on several fronts to increase diversity within newsrooms; currently serving as senior producer and partnership manager at TPT.

Professional Career

Springfield criminal defense lawyer Adam Dwyer’s experience includes work as an Assistant District Attorney of Hampden County and extensive trial experience. He provides aggressive representation with proven client results.

Athen has spent several years studying the illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade across physical and online markets, visiting markets in China, Japan, Myanmar, Belgium, Nigeria and Thailand. His current project explores how non-governmental organizations can implement consumer demand reduction campaigns to reduce consumption of elephant ivory, pangolin scales and rhino horn products.

Twin Cities PBS executive producer Daniel Osgood explores people, places, and their past through restorative narratives. His productions such as Jim Crow of the North and North Star: Minnesota’s Black Pioneers have earned 15 regional Emmy awards over 15 years.

Achievement and Honors

He has spent over two decades working in Australia’s public health system, managing both 500-bed and 900-bed teaching hospitals. He possesses strong community involvement as well as the ability to recognize individual needs. Furthermore, he is active with several professional organizations.

He was an incredible husband and father, doting on his family with joy. He will be dearly missed by his wife, daughter, Nieces & Nephews whom all loved him immensely.

Bergin’s work examines history through restorative narratives. His achievements include over 15 Emmy Award-winning Twin Cities PBS documentaries such as Jim Crow of the North and Minnesota’s Black Pioneers – as well as production to editing skills.

Personal Life

Bergin hails from Minneapolis and currently sits on the boards of Intermedia Arts and St. Paul Neighborhood Network. In addition, he was honored as both a Minnesota State Arts Board Fellow and 2001 Bush Leadership Fellow; additionally, he taught adjunctly at St. Cloud State University.

As Senior Producer of Twin Cities Public Television, he has produced more than fifteen regional Emmy-award winning films such as Lowertown: The Rise of an Urban Village; North Star: Minnesota’s Black Pioneers and Legacy Letters.

He is skilled in video production, fundraising, community outreach and broadcast. Additionally, he has been active in several nonprofits. When not working or volunteering he enjoys fishing and spending time with his family. Furthermore, traveling is something he greatly enjoys and reading is another passion of his. Finally he is blessed to be the grandfather of an adorable grandson to bring joy every day.

Net Worth

He has enjoyed great success throughout his career. He has amassed an estimated net worth between $1 and $6 Million due to acting. His primary source of income comes from acting profession.

He prefers to keep his personal life private, often posting images of himself without disclosing information regarding relationships or intimate encounters on social media.

John has become well-known for his research into illegal wildlife trade since 2010, seeking to understand how people can be convinced to stop purchasing wildlife products. His works have been featured in film festivals including American Film Institute and Twin Cities International Children’s Film Festival and is also part of Minnesota State Arts Board membership.

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