Daniel Bradford

Daniel Bradford – Actor and Film Producer

Daniel Bradford is an actor and director. His filmmaking portfolio spans both movies and TV series; while he also serves as a military and federal government advisor. Presently, his main focus lies with acting and film producing full time.

Daniel Bradford is an esteemed actor best known for his roles in La La Land (2016), Kill Bill: Vol 1 (2003) and The Good Girl (2002).

Early Life and Education

Bradford graduated from The Citadel in 1995 where he held multiple leadership roles including being commander of Kilo Company and Summerall Guards member, earning Air Assault and Parachute badges, Church Creek Presbyterian Church membership in Sumter and several cousins and nephews. Linwood G. Bradford Jr of Cary North Carolina; Joy Bradford of Clemson as well as several more cousins and nephews remain his survivors.

Karen Pearl, Jennifer Bradford’s mother, wept as the verdict was read aloud and stated her belief that justice has been served; yet not enough in light of what Bradford had done to her daughter. Karen Pearl strongly advocated for domestic violence prevention measures in addition to her advocacy work regarding domestic abuse issues. In contrast, Bradford remained calm during this hearing; now facing life without parole he may never see freedom again.

Professional Career

Daniel Bradford began dancing at 16 and studied dance both A Level and at degree level – earning himself 1st class Honours at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA).

Daniel has worked on various commercial projects throughout his career. Additionally, he has taken part in theatre and film work and serves as head acting teacher of Mindful Acting as well as artistic director for critically acclaimed theatre company Play With Fire.

He recently toured northern England as Tristan from Lucy Prebble’s hit play The Effect, at Hope Mill Theatre and 53Two respectively, before herding cats for Oldham Coliseum as part of Herding Cats by David Mamet for its Northern Premiere performance there. He is also currently working on David Mamet’s Sexual Perversity premiere performance there as well.

Achievement and Honors

Dan Bradford graduated from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. As a hematology specialist in Fayetteville, AR he specializes in Pancreatic Neoplasms, Renal Neoplasms & Resection as well as Blood Disorders.

Bradford excelled as a quarterback during high school football games, leading his team to two state titles and garnering All-State honors. Additionally, he enjoyed baseball and basketball; was an active member of Church Creek Presbyterian in Charleston as well as Thomas Sumter Academy and The Citadel (where he led Kilo Company and Summerall Guards).

On November 6, Miramichi Kinsmen presented this award and portrait in recognition of Daniel Bradford’s many accomplishments over the last ten years, and his commitment to public service in Canada.

Personal Life

Daniel Bradford was married twice and had three children. As an advocate for mental health services for those suffering psychotic disorders, as well as environmental and humanitarian causes.

He has worked as an international actor and film producer. He has appeared in commercials, TV Series, feature films as well as commercials. Furthermore, he is the head acting instructor at his own studio ‘Mindful Acting’.

He has worked as both an actor and voice over artist on numerous projects, in addition to enjoying traveling and exploring new cultures, reading high fantasy novels and being an avid writer. Additionally, his passion is helping those in need through videos and social media.

Net Worth

He hails from a military and Federal Government background but now dedicates himself solely to acting and film producing – currently working on numerous TV Series and Feature films.

Bradford took home the inaugural men’s overall championship in this fall’s O2X Summit Challenge circuit – a new mountain running event held across ski resorts in the northeast. Organized by outdoor enthusiasts looking to add flair and character to traditional road races.

He has appeared in multiple movies and television series, while teaching Mindful Acting method to students in Vancouver Canada. Part-time resident in Prague Czech Republic with work all across Europe and America; estimated net worth estimated at over $2.3 Million.

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