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Dan Bilzerian – The Playboy King of the CrossFit Games

Danielle Brandon is one of America’s premier functional fitness athletes. At the 2021 CrossFit Games she competed under close scrutiny and under special conditions; including being given her own separate lane.

Born into slavery, Henderson Brandon used his brick-masonry expertise to buy his freedom and establish a successful business. Along with his son Daniel, they built many iconic structures throughout Huntsville-Madison County such as Harrison Brothers Hardware.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Brandon was born and raised in Huntsville-Madison County. Along with his father, they founded Henderson Brandon & Son and built many of Huntsville-Madison County’s most iconic turn-of-the-century structures.

The firm’s success and renowned quality work helped Black citizens develop pride in their community despite segregation barriers. The father-son duo actively promoted education, entrepreneurship, economic independence and economic resistance as ways to counter Jim Crow laws; investing in schools, founding charitable organizations and mentoring Black leaders along the way.

Brandon and Henry C. Binford received the votes of both Black and white Huntsvilleians to become Huntsville’s inaugural City Aldermen in 1897 and 1901 before Alabama’s racist Constitution changed everything, effectively barring most Black voters due to literacy requirements and wealth holding requirements, thereby making Brandon and Henry C. Binford the last Black men elected until 1988.

Professional Career

After taking a brief recess, prosecutors called up their first rebuttal witness – Dr. Amy Mauro of Psychological Associates of South Jersey, Inc – who testified that Daniel suffers from major depression and an inability to control impulses as well as possible frontal brain damage which altered his thinking, feelings, and actions.

She claimed he is fascinated by mass shootings and other tragedies, even sending coded letters via jail mail to his former flame to express a desire to kill her.

He has provided his services on many television and film projects, such as the true crime series Murder Made Me Famous and Shakespeare plays like Titus Andronicus. Additionally, he serves on Citywealth’s London Private Client Team where he advises high net worth individuals and families regarding international tax matters.

Personal Life

Brandon could be proud of both his professional and personal accomplishments, including being an active Christian who spent much of his adulthood serving as a sub teacher at his local church.

Education, entrepreneurship and economic independence were promoted as countermeasures against Jim Crow. His efforts fostered racial solidarity and pride among Black residents; in Huntsville City Council elections he won both Black and white votes before the 1901 Constitution changed Alabama’s political landscape by mandating literacy tests, wealth-holding requirements and residency restrictions that effectively disenfranchised many Black residents.

Though Henderson Brandon & Son’s structures can be seen around town, their names do not appear on any National Register nominations that formally document its historic resources. HHF’s exhibition entitled “Brick by Brick” serves as the first comprehensive overview of their work.

Net Worth

Dan Bilzerian is well known for living an extravagant lifestyle and his social media accounts are full of images of him partying with stunning women and collecting weapons and exotic cars. Often referred to as the Instagram Playboy King, Bilzerian has amassed millions through his poker career and earned the moniker Instagram Playboy King.

Paul Bilzerian was an extremely wealthy businessman, making his fortune through private equity investments and corporate takeovers in the 1980s. However, in 1988 when Dan was just 8 years old he was charged with security and tax fraud; later that same year, when filing bankruptcy claimed $15,000 of assets with over $140-million debt outstanding owed against him.

Bilzerian may not have much success at formal tournaments, but he has amassed millions in private events. Along with Adam, Bilzerian is also the beneficiary of several trust funds established by their father.

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