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Daniel Cazac currently resides in two different states across America; Texas being home to most people named Daniel followed by Alaska.

Early Life and Education

Cazac was born and educated at Hartnell College in Salinas, California. As part of his fellowship program at New York’s Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers he received The Robert B Silvers Foundation Silvers Grant for Work In Progress as well as research/travel fellowship from Biographers International Organization.

He is the son of Peter Motta and June Jacobs and brother to Minerva and George Cazac. Ruth is his wife; step daughter David Welch is his stepdaughter; Daniel Cazac is his grandchild; additionally he is Carol Nicoara’s son-in-law as well as Carmen Nicoara’s brother-in-law.

He is believed to reside at 314 Hc 2234 in West and 231 Oak Creek Cir in Mc Gregor. It is thought he may be linked with individuals such as Ariel Emlet, Bobette Lyvona Eguina, Benjamin A Simpson Byron Scott Lankford and Candace D Parks.

Professional Career

Daniel Cazac, known by many for founding Texas Made Wealth LLC and working as a real estate developer and investor. Additionally, he runs a company which manufactures firearms and ammunition. While currently living in Texas – having previously lived in Alaska – Cazac is believed to have associations with people such as Benjamin A Simpson, Byron Scott Lankford, Candace D Parks, Cathy Ann Snyder and Christopher A Loredo; estimated net worth estimated to be approximately $1.5 Million.

Personal Life

Daniel J Cazac has been active in several projects and business ventures over his lifetime, serving on professional organizations and boards, mentoring other people, coaching others as needed and offering coaching and mentorship advice. He has had various friendships and associations, such as Benjamin A Simpson, Byron Scott Lankford, Candace D Parks, Cathy Ann Snyder and Christopher A Loredo – as well as being believed related to Ariel Emlet, Bobette Lyvona Eguina and Cheri L Thomas. He currently resides in Mc Gregor, Texas and works for Texasmadewealthllc, but has lived in other locations before becoming resident in Mc Gregor. Known for his expertise in leadership, estate planning, and financial advisory; with an impressive array of awards and achievements.

Net Worth

Daniel Cazac’s successful career has earned him an impressive net worth. It is reported that he is married to Lindsey K Cazac and has children, including Connor Cazac. Additionally, he is known to have friendships with Benjamin A Simpson, Byron Scott Lankford, Bobette Lyvona Eguina Claude D Gray Kristen Thomas Candace D Parks and Cathy Ann Snyder among many others. Additionally he is known to reside at various addresses such as 314 Hc 2234 in West and 231 Oak Creek Cir in Mc Gregor while using various names such as Daniel Joseph Cazac and Texasmadewealthllc when necessary.

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