Daniel Crabtree

The Daniel Crabtree Hero Workout

CrossFit athletes frequently dedicate hero workouts to commemorate a specific person or event, often including strength and conditioning exercises such as this 50 pull-ups, running and thrusters workout dedicated to Army Sgt 1st Class Daniel Crabtree who died at Al Kut, Iraq on June 8, 2006. It bears his name.

Roza received Roza’s number from Glassman.

Early Life and Education

Coach Daniel was introduced to CrossFit at an early age. He considers it his duty to set an example for his four young boys by modeling a healthy lifestyle of fitness and hard work for them.

He juggles family, full time job and the demands of running his own growing business; yet fitness remains a top priority in his life. CrossFit provides him with a competitive outlet which gives him purpose in what he does and the community it has become part of.

As part of his free time, he enjoys participating in local competitions as well as traveling the United States for competitions. He strives to maintain First Coast as an inclusive gym where all can come to improve themselves while becoming part of an exceptional community.

Professional Career

First Coast CrossFit’s founder believes fitness should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone, which is why he established this place aimed at creating a world-class experience with an emphasis on community.

At his own gym, he coaches Russian-style kettlebell training to give athletes leaner bodies and increased energy quickly. Additionally, he instructs clients in using breathwork for mindfulness practice and performance enhancement.

Nimble Fitness was co-founded and hosted by him, with Nimble Institute as his home base, offering professional courses to personal trainers. He has an in-depth knowledge of holistic health and has studied extensively in structural integration and strength training; becoming certified both as CHEK Level 3 Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing Instructor in this time.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel is an internationally certified CrossFit Level 2 trainer and Olympic weightlifting coach. His mission is to make First Coast the most welcoming gym possible and help individuals realize their full potential.

Once Daniel moved to Jacksonville, he quickly found a gym where Asante introduced him to CrossFit. Through their guidance, Daniel managed to drop from 400 lb. down into the low 300s within just months!

In June, Roza posted an email exchange between herself and Glassman on her website, in which she expressed dissatisfaction over some of COVID and social unrest-related positions taken by Glassman and some affiliates of Seattle affiliate. Glassman responded that he would consider selling off some or all of their company. Roza took up Glassman’s offer and visited their headquarters in Santa Barbara shortly afterwards.

Personal Life

Daniel has been an active participant in the military, serving both in the Army Reserve as an administrative specialist before switching careers and becoming a Military Policeman. Additionally, Daniel attended and passed the Special Forces Qualification Course earning himself a Green Beret award.

He has an extreme passion for CrossFit and enjoys mentoring student athletes. He hopes they learn lessons that they will use later in life; training hard while prioritizing family as part of life priorities.

“Daniel” is an iconic Hero WOD first posted in 2006. Dedicated to Army Sergeant First Class Daniel Crabtree who died at Al Kut, Iraq on June 15, 2006, this workout stands as a lasting memorial.

Net Worth

He is an influential fitness figure with over one million subscribers on YouTube. His videos offer bodyweight workout tutorials, tips and exercises.

He is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $5 Million and is best known for his impressive performances at CrossFit Games.

First Coast Fitness in Jacksonville, Florida is led by this YouTube star and fitness guru, as well as authoring three fitness books. His videos feature workouts, tips, and techniques for building beach-ready bodies with dedicated followers worldwide. As a professional coach running his own online coaching business and offering beginner to advanced workouts ranging from 50 pull-ups, 400 meter runs, and 21 thrusters as part of their benchmark Hero WOD workout series – these workouts prove popular with viewers who admire him.

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