Daniel Culbertson

Daniel Culbertson

Dan has an expansive business litigation practice spanning all 50 states. His cases can be found before various arbitration forums and United States district courts as well as before federal and state appellate courts.

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Early Life and Education

Daniel began studying music from an early age. Since then he has studied piano, organ, classical guitar, electric guitar, bass ‘ukulele and keyboards. Daniel founded and led Kilauea – an immensely successful contemporary jazz group founded by him in 1990 – which produced six chart-topping albums while touring worldwide.

Since 2003, he has served with the Abbotsford Police Department (APD), and received the Paul Tinsley Scholarship – presented annually to an APD employee pursuing postsecondary studies. Since joining, he has held roles within their emergency response team, integrated gang enforcement unit and training division and received many commendations from both their supervisors and management boards.

Community involvement includes participating with non-profit organizations and supporting ‘ukulele enthusiasts worldwide. He speaks at schools to children about various cultures while traveling the world to do so.

Professional Career

Dan has extensive experience handling business litigation cases throughout the country, as well as regularly representing clients at arbitration forums and handling non-competition agreements.

He works closely with individuals and small businesses alike to implement insurance and investment strategies to protect assets, increase income and lower tax obligations. Furthermore, he acts as fiduciary for over 200 corporate group benefit plans across Central Pennsylvania.

He currently serves as outreach economist at Indeed Hiring Lab, contributing to reports and research regarding the state of labor markets worldwide. Prior to that he specialized in regional analysis and forecasting at Moody’s Analytics. Furthermore, he holds a Masters of Arts degree in economics from the University of Delaware.

Achievement and Honors

Culbertson earned four-year letterman status for the Pioneers and helped lead them to both state and SEC championships as a four-year letterwinner. Additionally, as a senior he earned Ann Arbor News’ Runner of the Year honor.

Hinshaw & Culbertson has appointed him Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Partner of its Associate Hiring Committee and to serve on their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Planning Committee and Board of Trustees of Hinshaw University.

He was part of Expedition-3 aboard the International Space Station and currently manages NASA’s multi-year Shuttle-Mir program with at least seven shuttle docking missions to Russian Space Station Mir. To date he has spent over 146 days in space.

Personal Life

Daniel Culbertson is currently an Outreach Economist with Indeed Hiring Lab specializing in US labor market issues. Prior to this role, he held regional analysis and forecasting positions as an economist with Moody’s Analytics before earning a master of arts degree in economics from University of Delaware.

He loves spending his free time with family and friends as well as watching Alabama football, traveling and going to movies.

Stephen Saunders Culbertson leaves behind his wife Lois Ann Saunders Culbertson; two sons Stephen (Sherri) and Richard (Tracy); his daughter Amy; nine grandchildren – Abbey Maddey Caroline Culbertson Tiah Worthington Kaycie Melvin Hannah Haley Bryce Glockner as well as four great-grandchildren as well as a sister Mary Culbertson Bodmer; nieces nephews; as well as other family and friends who will miss him greatly.

Net Worth

Culbertson is well-known for his work as an outreach economist with Indeed Hiring Lab, where he specializes in US labor market trends analysis. Prior to that role, he served in regional analysis and forecasting at Moody’s Analytics; additionally he holds a master of economics degree from University of Delaware.

He is an esteemed figure who has amassed millions through his professional career, living an extravagant lifestyle in his hometown and owning several properties – his net worth has been estimated between $1 and $7 Million.

Daniel Culbertson resides at 4814 Eugenia Driv, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in the United States and can also be referred to by various other names such as Daniel Earl Culbertson or Daniel J Culbertson. To locate Daniel Culbertson using CocoFinder’s people search tool.

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