Daniel Culler

Daniel Culler

Culler is an expert hunter, boasting an impressive kill list of powerful Demons and criminals he’s taken down as prey – his estate filled with their heads mounted as trophies to show his success in hunting them down.

As a young man from insular Syracuse, he abandoned his Quaker beliefs to kill for America and believed that God had granted a special place “short of heaven but far from hell” for those committing licensed murder.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Culler was born and raised on a family farm near Syracuse. From an early age he learned hard work. Later he enrolled at the University of Iowa to fulfill his ambition of becoming an engineer.

During WWII, he served as flight engineer and top turret gunner on B-24 bombers. While on one mission, his plane had to make an unplanned landing in Switzerland where it was held at Wauwilermoos prison and torture was practiced against it; nevertheless he survived this ordeal and returned home safely.

He then worked in the trucking industry and married his wife before eventually settling in Green Valley, Arizona. Over time, however, he kept his time spent internment at Wauwilermoos secret from both her and herself; social shame is often reason enough to keep wartime experiences under wraps even from those closest to them.

Professional Career

Daniel Culler was an American airman who served during World War II and then went on to write books, such as his autobiographical account of being imprisoned at Wauwilermoos camp in Switzerland as a prisoner-of-war (POW). This volume contains his experiences as an internement camp POW in his book entitled, The Black Hole of Wauwilermoos.

After being shot down over Germany, he managed to land in Dubendorf, Switzerland before being interned due to his attempt at escape and then sent onward to Wauwilermoos Prison Camp for more incarceration.

Culler founded Ambassador Air Charters in 1984 to charter private flights for celebrities visiting Hawaii such as Richard Pryor, George Harrison and Barbara Streisand. She served with this company until retiring in 1990; also being one of the inaugural female pilots at Hawaiian Airlines; her last flight was from Boston to Honolulu (HA89).

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Culler was an exceptional United States veteran who distinguished himself during both World War II and Korea. Among his numerous accolades was being honored with both a Distinguished Flying Cross and Prisoner of War Medal for his service – awards he later passed away from on April 24, 2016 at age 92 in Green Valley, Arizona.

In 1942, The College of Wooster instituted two prizes. One honor is awarded annually to students with the highest ranking in general college physics while the Dorothy Reid Dalzell Award recognizes those students who make significant contributions through extracurricular activities at Wooster.

College also honored him with the Daniel and Clarice Parmelee Endowed Music Prize, awarded annually to students participating and contributing to Wooster Symphony.

Personal Life

Daniel Culler was Tatiana Maslany’s brother and attended Uno Fest in Victoria as part of the cast in 2014. Additionally, he played Richard on Orphan Black season two as well as being an author who self-published two books.

An American veteran of World War II, Dan was captured by Swiss forces after his B24 was forced to land at Adelboden and detained at Wauwilermoos prison – where he suffered torture and sexual abuse by prison guards. Nearly 50 years later, President Kaspar Villager issued an official apology in his name.

After World War II, Culler went on to work as both a mechanic and airline pilot. She founded her own charter flight company before joining Hawaiian Airlines as one of the first female pilots capable of flying jet aircraft.

Net Worth

Daniel Culler was an American World War II veteran who belonged to the Greatest Generation. During World War II he served as both flight engineer and top turret gunner aboard B-24s before being forced down and interned in Switzerland after his plane had to make an unscheduled landing. Although unsuccessful at fleeing, Daniel attempted to escape but was unsuccessful and tortured in Wauwilermoos prison before having many of his wounds neglected or left untreated for treatment.

After his return, he worked in trucking before retiring with his wife Betty to Green Valley, Arizona. He chronicled his experiences as a POW in two books entitled, “The Black Hole of Wauwilermoos” and “Circle of Thorns.”

He is Tatiana Maslany’s younger brother and has played multiple characters on Orphan Black since 2010. Additionally, he attended Uno Fest Victoria 2014 where he performed.

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