Daniel Czech

Daniel Czech

Dr. Czech is an associate lecturer in bioscience at Monash University and passionately supports greater industry involvement in higher education pedagogy and scholarship.

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Early Life and Education

Miller has published fifteen articles in English and Czech. His most notable publications are Forging Political Compromise: Antonin Svehla and the Czechoslovak Republican Party (1918-1933) which was awarded first prize from a group of Czech historians; and forthcoming from Central European University Press is his book entitled Governing Divided Societies: Austria-Hungary, Czechoslovakia and the First Republic of Democracy: A Comparative View.

Dr Czech has fully embraced Monash University’s vision of student-centred learning and his teaching style is aligned closely to this ideal. He uses his experiences and knowledge to assist students with creating their own learning journey – something which he finds most satisfying about his job. Dr Czech also worked as a sports psychology consultant advising professional athletes with regards to arousal regulation, concentration and self-confidence issues.

Professional Career

As a professional consultant, Czech has advised athletes of all ages. His specialty lies in aiding mental aspects of their game such as arousal regulation and concentration. Furthermore, he has worked extensively with professional football and baseball players during their draft process.

Coach of international teams and director of sports clinics for youth both within the United States and overseas. Stays five or six months at a time in each country visited to build relationships with athletes while exploring their lives and cultures.

As well as his work as a professor and consultant, Dr. Alston has an impressive history of civic involvement in Jersey City. He has contributed significantly to its economic growth while working tirelessly to maintain low taxes.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Czech has earned many prestigious accolades throughout his career. He was recognized as Talent of the Year and one of the five best players in his country; additionally, he was five-time Czech First League Champion.

Dr. Czech has worked with several students throughout his academic career to help expand their knowledge. With a passion for education and dedication to driving greater industry involvement in higher education, he was recently recognized with both a Monash Excellence in Teaching Fellowship award as well as Above and Beyond accolades for his commitment to students.

As chairman and member of the board’s president of the John Amos Comenius Museum Foundation in Naarden, he has played an essential role in upholding and expanding on the legacy of this renowned Czech educator.

Personal Life

Daniel Czech serves as an Envoy of Major League Baseball International. As part of this program, he coaches and plays on teams internationally while leading sports clinics and providing psychological aid for professional athletes. To date, he has visited 54 different countries where he stays for five to six months at a time.

He holds that teenage years are essential in shaping an individual’s worldview, so providing a Christian environment during these formative years is crucial. He is passionate about youth work and is actively involved with Fusion Kids Port Group as well as leading prayer ministry services in Pisek South Bohemia.

He has written numerous books on screenwriting and dramatic theory, which have inspired two generations of film makers from Europe and America.

Net Worth

Daniel Kretinsky is one of the wealthiest Czech businessmen, boasting a net worth exceeding $4 billion. As owner of EPH – Central Europe’s largest energy group – Daniel first made his fortune in energy business; since then his portfolio has expanded further by including stakes in French retail chains Casino and Fnac-Darty.

Kretinsky also holds an interest in London-based West Ham FC, with today’s announcement from that club that Kretinsky’s investment group had acquired 27% of WH Holding Ltd, its parent company.

West Ham should benefit from Czech billionaire Tomas Krejci’s purchase, as it should help them compete on an equal footing against the Premier League’s big six clubs. They currently sit fourth with five games remaining and could finish in the top half if their current form continues.

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