daniel debono

Life of a Writer

Cpl. Daniel Debono was accused of firing rubber bullets at photojournalists from MLive while also carrying two devices that fired rubber pellets when he approached MLive photojournalist Nicole Hester, independent journalists Seth Herald and Matthew Hatcher to ask them to cross the street. At that time he fired two devices capable of firing rubber pellets which shot rubber pellets. To resolve his charges of felony assault against him the charges have now been dismissed against him.

Early Life and Education

Edward de Bono is best-known for pioneering the concept of lateral thinking, an approach that has proven valuable in helping businesses and governments address problems such as education, unemployment, world peace, arms spending and environmental concerns.

De Bono was raised in a family that valued education and fulfilled one’s potential. As an avid student of multiple subjects, De Bono developed an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

He attended Northport High School and Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA with a scholarship, then Navy SEAL training where he set the two mile ocean swim record before serving in the Marine Corps and providing advice to Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney during their presidential campaigns.

Professional Career

DeBono has written travel features for The Citrus County Chronicle and Scuba News, in addition to providing hundreds of investment education articles for various banks and financial companies. He holds a master of business administration degree from Booth School of Management at The University of Chicago.

DeBono has written numerous science fiction, horror and fantasy tales which are illustrated by professional artists. He also maintains his own website called FantasyReaders dedicated to his works. DeBono writes comics under the penname Gareth Blackmore.

He is an experienced airport and aviation professional with in-depth knowledge of airport infrastructure, operations, the Civil Aviation Act (CAA) associated CARs (Civil Aviation Rules) as well as health and safety legislation. He will join Wanaka Airport’s team early 2018 following a successful Australasia-wide recruitment process.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Debono has attended numerous international conferences and symposiums focused on foreign policy. At Businesseurope, Eurochambres and Hotrec, he acts as a delegate on policy and legislative matters affecting Maltese business community. Furthermore, he keeps close liaison with Malta’s Permanent Representation to EU institutions such as EP and EU Commission on any pertinent legislations which affect Maltese businesses. FantasyReaders, his website where authors can promote their science fiction, fantasy and horror short stories to a wide audience, is also created by him. Additionally, he has written several short stories and novels himself – his latest being published by Double Dragon Publishing in December 2011 under the name ‘A Book of the Lands: The Goblin Invasion’.

Personal Life

DeBono has two children and lives with his wife Genieve and two cairn terriers in Northport. Additionally, he owns and operates his own investment advisory firm in New York.

He is best known by his pen name of Gareth Blackmore for writing science fiction, fantasy and horror stories since 1992 for publication in Gareth Blackmore’s Unusual Tales magazine. Since then he has written sci-fi, fantasy and horror pieces for Vision, Midnight Zoo and Enchanted Worlds under this pen name.

DeBono served in Special Operations Unit Two and completed one tour overseas in Bosnia. He remains part of the SEAL community today, helping with recruitment efforts while showing strong interest in history and reading military literature.

Net Worth

Dan Debono has amassed significant wealth through his career as a Writer, with an estimated net worth between $1 and $3 Million. Additionally, Debono worked as an Investment Banker advising major media and telecom companies, participated in multiple business deals/acquisitions as an Advisor, and currently heads his own Financial Advisory firm.

Born November 13th 1964 in Detroit Michigan and zodiac sign Scorpio. At 58 he has one daughter.

Lake Placid FL in Highlands County USA is where he currently resides with his family and owns their home there. An active member of the Navy SEAL community and recruiting efforts, he also bears several tattoos commemorating his military service.

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