Daniel Elbaum

Daniel Elbaum Joins AJC As Chief Advocacy Officer

Daniel Elbaum has developed several innovative technologies during his lifetime. These include security systems to prevent fraud and theft as well as secure communications platforms.

Carr and Elbaum embody the mission of AEPi: developing leaders in Jewish communal service. They have earned our fraternity’s highest award: the Gitelson Silver Medallion.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Elbaum was raised in Ludwigsdorf, Germany by Sheindel and Izak who both survived the Holocaust before immigrating to the United States. Daniel attended University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign from where he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Music degree in 1996 before going on to earn a Juris Doctorate at University of Illinois College of Law later that same year.

He began his professional life as a prosecutor with the Cook County State’s Attorney office before transitioning into Jewish communal life and taking on roles such as head of North America for The Jewish Agency and President and CEO of Jewish Agency International Development.

He oversees AJC’s over 90-year old agency’s efforts in connecting Jews in North America to Israel and each other, while meeting regularly with members of Congress, law enforcement officials, editorial boards and foreign leaders and diplomats to advance AJC’s advocacy efforts against antisemitism and promote human dignity.

Professional Career

Daniel Elbaum is well known for his expertise in corporate law and entrepreneurship, having founded multiple successful companies. A member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), Daniel has held key commercial roles across multiple industries.

He currently serves as the head of North America for the Jewish Agency and president of its International Development department, overseeing their over 90-year old work connecting Jews to Israel and each other. In this capacity he has appeared on NBC Dateline, Al Jazeera and published opinion pieces in both New York Times and Chicago Tribune newspapers.

Prior to this role, he served as AJC’s Regional Director for the Midwest as well as serving as civil rights counsel and felony prosecutor with ADL’s Chicago office. A graduate from University of Illinois College of Law.

Achievement and Honors

Dan Elbaum has brought new vision to the work of connecting Jews in America to Israel through Dan Elbaum as leader of the Jewish Agency. While his predecessors focused on fundraising efforts, Elbaum is focused on programming including North American immigration to Israel as well as managing Israel’s shlichim (emissaries) who come here annually from their home nation of Israel.

He was inspired to share his Holocaust experiences after watching Paper Clips, a documentary featuring students from Tennessee collecting 6 million paper clips as memorials to those killed due to anti-Semitism during WWII. Sharing his experiences helps maintain truth and remember history for future generations.

Alpha Epsilon Pi has honored him with the Gitelson Silver Medallion for his dedication to Jewish communal services, while serving as director for AJC Chicago and forging relationships among its diverse ethnic, religious, and international communities.

Personal Life

As Chief Advocacy Officer for AJC, Dan Elbaum oversees its efforts to combat antisemitism, uphold Israel’s security and legitimacy, and promote human dignity. He appears frequently on media outlets from NBC Dateline to Al Jazeera as well as publishing opinion pieces in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and many other publications in both countries.

Elbaum previously served as Director of AJC’s Chicago Regional Office and as a felony prosecutor with the Cook County State’s Attorney Office. A graduate of University of Illinois College of Law, Elbaum lives in Deerfield with his wife and children.

He often jokes that in 46 years he has only moved one mile, in order to remain closer to his parents, whom he describes as his babysitters. In this deeply personal and universal book he shares insights into his spiritual journey.

Net Worth

Dan Elbaum serves as Head of North America for The Jewish Agency and President of Jewish Agency International Development, overseeing their over 90 year old organization’s efforts in connecting Jews across North America with both Israel and each other within North America and Canada. His expertise has been featured on numerous national TV and radio programs, such as NBC Dateline. Furthermore, he has written opinion pieces for The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, New York Times and other newspapers in both America and Israel. Prior to joining AJC, Mr. Cohen served as Civil Rights Counsel and Director of Development for the Anti-Defamation League’s Midwest Region. Before that he served as a felony prosecutor with the Cook County State’s Attorney Office. Mr. Cohen holds a B.A. from University of Illinois College of Law.

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