Daniel Fakla

Who is Daniel Fakla?

ZoomInfo indicates that Daniel Fakla has held three separate jobs over his professional experience of two industries. He is an active volunteer of Holy Trinity Slovak Lutheran Church in Northampton where his sister and nephews attend, in addition to being an avid follower himself. Daniel is laid to rest at Fairview Cemetery of Northampton.

Early Life and Education

Daniel is an extremely popular male given name and surname derived from the Book of Daniel, being second only to Jacob (in terms of popularity in the US). It currently holds second spot as an American male given name.

The Book of Daniel (also referred to as Daniel Prophecy or Prophecy of Daniel) is part of both Jewish and Christian Old Testament canons and can be found in Ketuvim (“Writings”). The text describes Daniel, an obedient servant with strong religious conviction who prospered abroad while translating dreams for King Nebuchadrezzar II, Belshazzar, Darius I, Cyrus II and others. It also tells traditional stories related to Daniel himself interpreting their dreams!

Sidney Lumet has often named Daniel among his favourite films, even surpassing Dog Day Afternoon, Network, and 12 Angry Men in popularity. Daniel boasts lush cinematography and smooth editing, as well as thrilling performances by Mandy Patinkin and Michael Douglas that stand the test of time.

Professional Career

As a professional juggler, Daniel Fakla has performed for numerous theaters and children’s shows across Pennsylvania. Additionally, he juggled for various bands, such as Bumpity. Additionally, Daniel is a member of Holy Trinity Slovak Lutheran Church in Northampton.

In 1983, he took part in the Paris-Dakar Rally but suffered an emotional breakdown en route. Later he traveled back home to Scotland where he wrote his seventh album: Loin des yeux de L’Occident (Far from the Eyes of the West).

Daniel Fakla has also worked as a videographer, producing abstract video art using black-and-white photos of nature that have been animated in an abstract manner. He has collaborated with musical artists such as Mamiffer, Mara Nordra Oakeater and Sunn O))), as well as performing with experimental music group Sunn O))). Additionally he co-founded AMPLIFIER Festival – New Cabaret & Street Art Banska Stiavnica as well as founding Irregular Theatre NPO.

Personal Life

Daniel Fakla is known for being an avid cat lover and coffee connoisseur in his personal life. He currently resides with his wife in St Paul, Minnesota and enjoys traveling and reading – both activities that make Daniel stand out amongst other professionals in his field. Additionally, Daniel possesses a keen interest in Sci-fi/surrealism which make up part of his repertoire of talents.

He is the creator and dramaturgist of Kremnica Theatre Underground. Additionally, he has created numerous art works and is an active member of Slovak Art Union. Furthermore, he co-founded Banska Bystrica’s Center of Independent Culture GARDEN.

Helen L. Fakla, 79, of Whitehall Township passed away Saturday in Muhlenberg Rehabilitation Center of Bethlehem. She was married to Gustave Fakla and worked at Atlas Cement Company Northampton prior to retiring. Services for Helen were held Tuesday at Bachman, Kulik Reinsmith Funeral Home located at 225 Elm Avenue Emmaus.

Net Worth

Brandon Daniel Fugal is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and real estate developer. Born April 1 in Pleasant Grove Utah and affiliated with the Church of Latter-Day Saints, he amassed an incredible fortune through smart investments and running one of the top commercial real estate agencies in America – now estimated to be worth an astounding net worth of $450 Million as of 2023! Additionally he owns Skinwalker Ranch as an UFO hunting facility; is married to Lacey Anne with three children; serves as an inspirational figure to those striving towards success!

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