Daniel Farchy

Who is Daniel Farchy?

Finding information on an individual can often be challenging due to variations and spellings of their name; this is especially true of international names that make searching public records challenging. Daniel farchy is a member of REPP Board and investment officer at EIB Equity New Products Special Transactions Department where his focus areas include infrastructure funds and climate action projects.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Farchy was born and raised in the United States and currently resides at 1863 Monroe Street NW, Washington, DC 20010-1014. As part of REPP Board’s Executive Team alongside Leila Pourarkin, Eric Usher and Peter Coveliers.

Farchy enjoys spending his free time with family and friends, playing piano and composing. Additionally, his musical experience includes receiving his Bachelor’s degree from University of Maryland in music performance.

Professional Career

Daniel Farchy was recently added to REPP’s Board, joining existing members Leila Pourarkin, Eric Usher, and Peter Coveliers. Daniel currently works at the European Investment Bank’s Equity, New Products, and Special Transactions Department as a climate action expert focusing on infrastructure funds. Prior to that he led work with financial institutions on climate/green finance for Latin America and the Caribbean at IFC since 2011. Daniel also held roles with environmental asset management companies as an energy economist for World Bank; holding master’s degrees from both Oxford and John Hopkins – SAIS respectively.

Personal Life

Daniel Farchy currently resides with his wife at 1863 Monroe Strt NW in Washington DC and serves as Equity Investment Officer of the European Investment Bank’s New Products and Special Transactions department, leading green capital markets and climate funds investments. Prior to this role he held positions at environmental asset management companies as an energy economist at World Bank; led work with financial institutions on green finance in Latin America via IFC; as well as being a member of REPP Advisory Board.

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