Daniel Faucetta

Who is Daniel Faucetta?

Daniel Faucetta is a 58-year old resident of New York City known for his work as a television producer with an estimated net worth of US$2 Million. He currently resides at 170 East End Avnue in Manhattan NY and may know or work alongside people such as Brad C Laney, Cecile A Collas and Erick J Baker.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Faucetta was born May 5, 1965. He holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from New York University’s Department of Mathematics and Public Policy Analysis; currently working at MDRC (a non-profit that conducts social welfare research) where his studies focus on helping families in various ways, such as preventing child abuse, supporting positive parenting practices and improving maternal and infant health outcomes.

He has conducted research on the aging-out processes for adolescents residing in children’s institutions. Additionally, his main areas of practice involve research and evaluation of early childhood home visiting programs.

As per his address of 170 East End Avnue in New York City, NY. He is reported to be friends and associates with Brad C Laney, Cecile A Collas, David Osman, Erick J Baker and Gordon L Johnson.

Professional Career

Daniel Faucetta has been involved with business since he was young. He has worked at several firms such as BT2 LLC located at 1 Astor Place New York NY 10003 and OKEY DOKE PRODUCTIONS, INC on 511 E 80th St in New York 10075, alongside numerous experts such as Brad C Laney, Cecile A Collas, David Osman Erick J Baker and Gordon L Johnson; currently living at 170 East End Ave New York NY 10128 USA using four alternative names and aliases during his lifetime.

Personal Life

He has one son named Scott Faucetta who passed away on May 5, 2007. Currently living in Boca Raton, Florida he has been associated with several businesses such as BT2 LLC at 1 Astor Pl New York NY 10003 and OKEY DOKE PRODUCTIONS INC located on 511 E 80thSt Apt10E New York New York 10075; also using various aliases including Dainel A Faucetta Daniel Faucetta Weiskopf among others.

At MDRC, he has participated in multiple projects, such as Family Level Assessment and State of Home Visiting project. Furthermore, as part of a Fulbright scholarship to Bulgaria he examined the aging-out process for teenagers who lived in children’s institutions as part of his study of teenage exit processes from these facilities; moreover he conducted work assessing community-based services provided to young children and their families.

Net Worth

Daniel Faucetta has an estimated net worth between $200,000 and $500,000. He owns two houses in the US and other properties, as well as multiple cars. Daniel works with two production companies: BT2 LLC at 1 Astor Pl New York NY 10003 and OKEY DOKE PRODUCTIONS INC at 511 East 80th St Apt 10E New York NY 10075. Daniel may be related to Allyson M Waterman, Ann P Faucetta, Anthony J Scotto as well as Brad C Laney, Cecile A Collas David Osman & Erick J Baker.

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