Daniel Fava

Daniel Fava is an Introvert With an Inner Reservoir of Kindness

Daniel, an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs personality inventory, relies on several practices to keep her inner reservoir of kindness full: prayer, journaling and quiet time alone.

Daniel opened her Fava Pot as an extension of her Egyptian food truck which she first established ten years after immigrating to America.

Early Life and Education

Daniel undertook an eye-opening mission trip to India in 2009, visiting one of Mother Teresa’s homes for homeless individuals. This experience taught him the value of presence; previously an introvert, Daniel often waited for direction or someone else to dictate his decisions; while here, he found ways of practicing self-care while connecting with people through physical contact and being there for them.

He’s currently the host and founder of Private Practice Elevation podcast as well as Create My Therapist Website and Private Practice Elevation, which help therapists build websites, attract more clients online and improve their business. In his free time he enjoys hiking by the river, watching hockey games and sipping bourbon.

Achievement and Honors

Fava reached the finals at 197 pounds and earned his second All-American award. Early in the second period he managed to escape Martin’s grasp before adding one point in the third; however, Martin quickly reversed this with a takedown just 37 seconds from time.

Maurice DuBois served as Master of Ceremonies and Marcus Samuelsson presented an original stainless steel sculpture created by Philip Grausman depicting an emerging fava bean to honor C-CAP culinary students.

Personal Life

Daniel and his wife share the vision that missions work is an integral part of life, taking great delight in sharing Christ’s love to those abroad through physical contact and mealsharing. Daniel loves doing missionary work abroad! It gives him great joy sharing Jesus with those he meets there.

Daniel is an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs personality inventory and an avid sports fan. He enjoys homebrewing beer and sipping fine bourbon, traveling extensively and hiking throughout the globe, especially India where on a mission trip in 2009 he learned several practices to fill his reservoir with kindness and compassion; these included journaling regularly as well as setting aside quiet times to pray for those in need.

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