Daniel Favata

Daniel Favata is a Manager at Service Experts

Daniel Favata is currently working as a Manager at Service Experts. At 63 years old and hailing from Oswego, NY, Daniel has been with them for six months now.

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Early Life and Education

Daniel Favata is an Upper School Theology and Art History teacher who regularly incorporates artwork into his classroom, presenting catacomb art from the third and fourth centuries at a lecture at Cora E McLaughlin ’29, RSCJ Art Gallery on November 20. During this presentation he demonstrated similarities between early Christian depictions of Jesus and those seen at Sacred Heart Greenwich that illustrated its spirituality – drawing an audience consisting of students, faculty, parents, alumnae and trustees all together at this unique presentation!

Daniel Favata is 63 years old and lives in Oswego, NY with two children and one grandchild. Additionally, he has family living in Washington State as well as other states; see full report for phone number, current address, associated people and more information. Lastly, Daniel has been charged with crimes in Oswego as well as being arrested.

Personal Life

Daniel Favata lives in Oswego, New York with his son Kyle and two sisters: Kathleen Cranker and Linda Denegar. Daniel works as a manager for Service Experts where he coordinates staff and resources to achieve organizational goals as well as teaching Upper School classes.

He enjoys playing golf and traveling with family in his free time, attending concerts and plays, particularly his beloved Lord of the Rings series. Additionally, he is an avid baseball fan – having attended many games with them.

Net Worth

Daniel Favata currently works as a manager at Service Experts, having held this role for six months. In this capacity, he is accountable for overseeing staff and resources to achieve organizational goals.

He estimates his net worth at $3,500, the source of which is his salary from his professional career and investments in real estate, business and stocks. He has two children and currently resides in Oswego, New York.

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