Daniel Featherstone

Artist and Musician – Daniel Featherstone

Daniel Featherstone is an artist and musician specializing in street photography. His photographs often showcase colorful characters he encounters along 57th Avenue and 5th Street.

He was an A student who enjoyed basketball and football at high school. Additionally, he had an avid interest in cars.

Rachel Hedison recruited Nathan into her plans to break up Blake and Caitlin. Additionally, she used him as part of her plan to undermine Nathan’s bid for mayorship and support Carl Griggs instead.

Early Life and Education

Featherstone was raised in Ashford Falls, a fictional town located in central New York. At his local public high school he excelled as both an accomplished football and basketball player while also participating on its track team and participating in many school musicals. Additionally he has made appearances in movies and television shows.

He is best known for his street photography of Manhattan residents around 57th and Fifth Avenues, often combined with cultural anthropology; some have even likened this approach to that used by Bill Cunningham (deceased).

At Steinhardt, he currently teaches the Performing Arts Administration graduate program and music lessons to junior high school students. Each summer he enjoys visiting Martha’s Vineyard and serving on Featherstone’s board of directors.

Professional Career

Featherstone Partners is a real estate investment and operating firm focused on multifamily assets in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic U.S. markets since 1998. Since that time, they have invested in over 100 properties totaling close to $1.9 billion of investments.

Feaherstone plays in traditional navy blue and white jerseys, though their less conventional crest features a pirate and the year of their establishment – previously, this badge was provided by their hometown coat of arms.

He also enjoys street photography, with an emphasis on photographing colorful figures who pass by 57th and Fifth avenues in New York City. His pictures have been published in several magazines such as New York magazine; furthermore he has displayed his artwork.

Achievement and Honors

Featherstone Rovers made club history when they became the first lower league side ever to defeat a Super League club when they beat Castleford in the Challenge Cup 4th Round match that was broadcast live by Sky Sports.

Featherstone almost made history under coach Steve Simms when they nearly won promotion to Super League for the first time. But Wakefield Trinity prevailed 24-22 in the promotion-deciding final to secure victory and promotion to Super League for themselves.

In 2018, he won the First Nations Media Awards’ News and Features Category with indigiTUBE series, receiving both Best of Show Award as well as the ‘Films/Video/Videographers’ Best of Show Award at same event. This was his second win from this category!

Personal Life

Featherstone, a graphic designer by day, spends his lunch hour photographing characters along Fifth Avenue and 57th Street near Fifth Avenue and 57th Street. He draws inspiration from late photographer Bill Cunningham’s decades-long documentation of midtown Manhattan fashion trends.

He is also a lecturer at Parsons School of Design and author of several books on photography such as ‘How to Make a Living as a Photographer’. His work has appeared in various art and photography publications such as the New York Times.

Carl lives in Ashford Falls with his wife Carrie and three children. He has an avid interest in Indigenous remote media and communications and previously held the General Manager position for First Nations Media Australia; currently, he serves as Research Fellow at RMIT University node of ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making & Society (ARC CEADMS).

Net Worth

Featherstone Partners is an independent real estate investment and operating firm focused on multifamily assets in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic markets. Their team of seasoned professionals brings experience in acquisitions, capital markets, asset management, construction management and finance.

The company currently manages more than 300 apartment communities nationwide and its management team boasts more than 50 years of combined industry experience.

Featherstone was born and educated at Worcester Art Museum’s art school before beginning work with Union Products where he designed their iconic plastic pink flamingo figurine in 1957, an icon of kitsch and popular culture that quickly rose in popularity over time. Unfortunately, Featherstone passed away from Lewy body disease at 79.

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