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Jeremy Alexander Crable – Doctor at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center

Jeremy Alexander Crable, age 34 of Fairbank passed away Saturday May 14th at Uniontown Hospital due to cancer. He was the son of Kelley Gillespie Ferchalk and Alexander Davis Crable; by trade he was a welder; loving older brother to his sister Bryanna.

His life will be mourned by his wife Elizabeth and children Daniel and Mary as well as grandchildren Avery, Makenzie Sage and Lilian. Additionally he leaves many relatives living in Revloc and Ebensburg Pennsylvania.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Ferchalk was born in Pittsburgh and raised in Johnstown. After attending Portage High School and Penn, he went on to study Medicine. Since graduating he has practiced as a physician at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center as well as living in Ebensburg and Revloc. Besides this he is proud of being married and proudly owns six grandchildren of his own!

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Professional Career

Daniel Ferchalk has been practicing as a physician for years, specializing in Thoracic Surgery at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and working as a consultant to several healthcare organizations such as Health Partners Inc and Community Medical Group. Additionally he holds memberships at both American College of Surgeons and National Medical Association.

He currently resides with his wife Mary in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania with their two children. In previous residences he has resided at 120 Altermoor Dr in Natrona Heights PA; 52 Penn Ave Revloc PA; and 153 Blanco Street Saint Augustine FL using various email addresses and phone numbers; known by other names or aliases such as Danal Danial Serchalk among others.

Personal Life

Sue was an attentive wife, mother, grandmother and friend to many. A member of Nanty Glo American Legion, Sue was known for her smile, laughter and generosity to all she met. Sue leaves behind husband Edward Maus of Nanty Glo; daughters Tara (Brad Milchak), Tristi and Mary Anna as well as sons Daniel Jr and Thomas Jr; sister Ruth with three children of her own; grandchildren Avery, Makenzie Sage and Lilian.

Funeral services were held for Bette at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Nanty Glo on May 2 and she will be laid to rest at Nanty Glo Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in her name to either Alzheimer’s Association or American Heart Association.

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