Daniel Fillinger

Daniel Fillinger

Daniel Fillinger currently works at Wells Fargo Clearing Services and has been with them for 18 years, serving as both an investment advisor in California and Texas.

Fillinger’s debut play, POTUS, explores a president mired in sexual scandal. Starring Kathryn Erbe (Law & Order: Criminal Intent), it will have its world premiere May 4 at Roundabout Underground.

Early Life and Education

Fillinger hails from West Virginia and attended Bethany College where she completed both her undergraduate degrees in Education and Biology before continuing on at West Virginia University to earn a Masters degree in Athletic Training.

She is an invaluable medical professional who can be found throughout each day in training rooms or on sports fields helping athletes recover quickly and safely. She takes great pride in the team that has come together here at Seton Hill University under her direction.

Public records reveal that Daniel Fillinger has resided at various addresses including Crosswicks, NJ and Maryland. Currently residing at 80 Mary Street Bordentown New Jersey 08505; you can use public records to gain more insight into Daniel Fillinger’s current and past addresses as well as known associates, emails, relatives, phone numbers etc.

Professional Career

Daniel Fillinger has over two decades of experience as a financial professional. With experience in investment services and being licensed insurance agent, Daniel currently works as the president of NICRIS Capital Company as well as being an exclusive agent with Allstate Insurance Co.

Mr. Leu has produced several plays, such as Allan Leicht’s comedy about Wagner titled My Parsifal Conductor at the Westside Theatre. Additionally, Charles Busch’s outrageous POTUS and Selina Fillinger’s Something Clean were produced under his direction.

He currently resides in Bordentown, New Jersey and has been working as a financial advisor for 18 years. He holds both Series 63 and 65 licenses for investment and insurance professionals and passed the CFP(r) examination.

Achievement and Honors

Fillinger is a compassionate medical professional who takes great pride in the health and wellbeing of every athlete she works with at Seton Hill University. You’ll often find her providing care in training rooms or athletic fields around campus.

She is very involved in her community and was recognized by West Virginia for saving a student-athlete’s life. In her free time she enjoys spending time with daughter Kady and Grandson Jackson; both dogs, Sidney and Geno, are her companions and watching New York Yankee baseball and Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey are two passions she shares.

Tiny Father was given its world premiere as part of Sideshow Theatre Company Freshness Initiative and Roundabout’s Underground Reading Series in 2018. Starring Kathryn Erbe from Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Oz and directed by Margot Bordelon, it captivated audiences everywhere it went.

Personal Life

Daniel Fillinger is a Licensed Investment and Insurance professional. He currently works at NICRIS Capital Company as President, having spent 18 years working in this industry.

His background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Finance and Management as well as Series 63 and 65 licenses. Furthermore, he holds Real Estate Broker license in Montana.

His play POTUS features seven women from within President Obama’s inner circle. These characters include Margaret – his tired first lady; Stephanie, an over-achieving personal secretary and Bernadette (his convicted felon sister). Those touched by his work include the remaining family of his father (four brothers and five sisters); including Mrs. Mary Lou Davidson of Eureka; Mrs Helen Cornell from Huntington and Mrs. Marjorie LeFevers both from Huntington; Mrs. Helen Cornell is now deceased but Mrs. Marjorie LeFevers lived near Huntington during her brother’s presidency; Mrs Mary Lou Davidson lives near Huntington; Mrs Helen Cornell from Huntington as well as Mrs. Marjorie LeFreka! Among others who have been touched by his work is Mrs Mary Lou Davidson who reside there; Mrs Mary Lou lives nearby along with Mrs Helen Cornell from Huntington as Mrs. Helen Cornell from Huntington who currently resides among others like Mrs Helen Cornell from Huntington as Mrs Mary Lou Davidson who lives nearby (in Eureka), Mrs Mary Lou Davidson who lives close by in Eureka as Mrs Mary Lou Davidson also Mrs Helen Cornell lives close by Mrs Helen Cornell of Huntington as Mrs. Mary Lou Davidson lives there). Mrs Mary Lou Cornell currently resides near Huntington among many more family members such as Mrs Mary Lou from Eureka while Mrs Helen Cornell from Huntington is Mrs Helen Cornell from Huntington (and Mrs Mary Lou from Eureka who currently residing).

Net Worth

His net worth remains undetermined, however his experience as an executive at several key positions within the business and numerous projects is invaluable to its continued growth and he will lead it until 2020.

He enjoys an excellent reputation within the industry and is widely admired for his knowledge and expertise. His efforts have enabled the company to increase revenue while contributing to product innovation.

Wanda Grube Fillinger survives him, as do her three children: David A., Freddie E. and Johnnie R. Fillinger from Patriot. Additionally he leaves two brothers named Whitt and William who lived nearby; 24 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren to mourn him as he passed from Guyan Township after having spent almost his entire 93 years there.

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