Daniel Jeon

Daniel Jeon – A Legal Fellow at the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press

Early Life and Education

As a legal fellow with the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, Daniel Jeon has been working on various issues including privacy law and the First Amendment. He holds bachelor degrees in journalism and law, society & justice from University of Washington as well as interning at ACLU of Southern California’s intake department as well as Oregon Supreme Court Justice Rives Kistler’s intake department.

Daniel found great satisfaction photographing foliage, urban and forest landscapes to present an alternative view of both city and country life. With an open mind and approach to photography he was willing to explore all genres including nontraditional portraiture.

Professional Career

Daniel Jeon currently serves as a legal fellow with the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, having interned at ACLU of Washington’s intake department and with Oregon Supreme Court Justice Rives Kistler prior to that. Furthermore, Daniel studied journalism and law, societies & justice at University of Washington.

Daniel brings 18 years of M&A, corporate and securities law experience from leading international and Canadian firms to Ventura Advisors. Specifically, he advises them on SPV formation matters as well as optimal structures for private equity investments into target companies.

Achievement and Honors

He has worked on numerous industry projects with ARx, Daum Communications and LG Electronics. As a result of these collaborations he has published over 250 works in top journals and conferences such as AutomotiveUI, HRI, ICAD, ARTSIT HCII HFES among many others.

Jeon currently resides in Blacksburg, Virginia with his wife and daughter. His photographic approach takes an artistic route as he enjoys exploring nontraditional portraiture, still lifes, and foliage photography genres.

He enjoys playing piano and composing music in his free time, as well as serving on the choir at St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue as worship leader and choir member. Additionally, he was awarded both the Douglas Fitchen Memorial Scholarship and Albert Silverman Fellowship for graduate students.

Personal Life

Daniel, a student at Stuyvesant High School in New York City, has long studied photography. Specifically focusing on urban and forest landscapes to reflect his unique view of urban and suburban living, Daniel creates unique photographs which capture a personal narrative through each frame he takes.

He also shares a passion for martial arts, earning advanced black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Asian Weapons as well as Kenpo and Chin Na under Sifu James Adkins at the White Tiger Shaolin Temple Project in Traverse City, Michigan.

Daniel also composes music, having composed extensively for orchestra and ensemble performances. His work has been published by Albany, Centaur, d’Note Classics and Gasparo Records; while as an accomplished conductor he has led performances of his work with Interlochen Festival Orchestra, Cleveland Chamber Symphony and Terre Haute Symphony Youth Orchestra among others.

Net Worth

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