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Dan Julius

Dan provides clients with expert guidance for complex personal and family estate planning matters as well as providing small business owners with best practices for formational structure, governance and tax liability. A Fulbright Scholar throughout Europe and Asia, Dan has lectured regularly to his audience.

Cathy Cahill, President of the Faculty Senate at University of Alaska Fairbanks, noted Julius’ proven track record as an administrator in higher education with experience at universities in Vermont, California, and New York City.

Early Life and Education

Dan Julius was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He attended the University of St. Louis where he earned a bachelor’s degree in English and history before attending Washington University School of Law for law studies resulting in his receipt of a juris doctorate degree.

Cathy Cahill, president of the Faculty Senate at University of Alaska Fairbanks, described Julius as being approachable and easy to talk with; his personal touch makes him beloved among campus community members.

He has lectured throughout Europe, Asia and North America as both a Fulbright Scholar and visiting professor. He has published extensively on industrial labor relations and collective bargaining in higher education; additionally he served as provost and senior vice president at New Jersey City University as well as holding faculty positions at both Albany- State University of New York and Cornell University.

Professional Career

He currently oversees academic programs across three campuses at UAF, connects research opportunities with China institutions and facilitates student exchange opportunities there. According to Cathy Cahill, President of Faculty Senate at University of Alaska Fairbanks. Julius is friendly and approachable – qualities she values highly in a leader.

He brings extensive experience in higher education to this position, having served as provost and senior vice president at two university systems in Vermont and California respectively. Furthermore, he has lectured internationally on industrial labor relations and collective bargaining processes within higher education.

Before joining Yale University, he spent eleven years at LIM College as part of their employer relations, career management and experiential education functions. Additionally, he enjoys nature’s beauty, sweet treats and discovering restaurants while traveling all seven continents – becoming an avid traveler himself!

Achievement and Honors

Julius is a Walter Channing Cabot Fellow at Harvard University and has received various other honors. He has lectured widely at universities around the United States as well as internationally in China, Vietnam and Indonesia; additionally he has published extensively on topics including industrial labor relations and collective bargaining in higher education.

Julius also taught at the University of Alaska Fairbanks where Cathy Cahill, president of its Faculty Senate and one of his colleagues said he is both approachable and easygoing – qualities favored by academic communities worldwide.

She feels he would excel at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, which she contends shares similar structures to U of Alaska with campuses in Fairbanks, Anchorage and Juneau and an elected president and board of Regents.

Personal Life

He lives with his wife and daughter in St. Louis, Missouri and enjoys playing softball in Tower Grove Park with them both. Additionally, he’s an avid reader and frequent traveler.

He has lectured at numerous institutions throughout the US and internationally, such as SUNY at Albany, New York University, Yale, the University of Alberta and Stanford. Additionally, he is also editor of Journal of Academic Personnel Management and has written a book on industrial labor relations in higher education.

Julius is thrilled to take up his position as chancellor of UMass Dartmouth. His personality meshes perfectly with that of the school and he wants to expand upon its current success.

Net Worth

Julius is an extremely wealthy individual with a substantial net worth. Known for his distinctive comedy style and household status across Africa, his success stands as testament to hard work and determination on his part; over time, his performances have brought in considerable income through performances at concerts, comedy clubs, etc.

Internationally, Dr. O’Dell has lectured at Stanford University, University of Toronto, University of New Hampshire, SUNY Cornell New Jersey City University Yale University where he serves as visiting professor in their School of Management. In this field he has also published extensively regarding collective bargaining in higher education.

Dan provides guidance to families and business owners as they face complex personal and estate planning matters, and assists start-ups to minimize tax liabilities by setting up their businesses in ways to reduce taxes. He possesses an in-depth understanding of law that is applied effectively so as to provide clients with comprehensive and professional service.

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