Daniel Mast

Daniel Mast – Stuntman and Real Estate Agent

Daniel Mast is a professional stuntman and member of 5150 Action and Tempest Freerunning. He has doubled for actors such as Mark Wahlberg and Jake Gyllenhaal.

His expertise also extends to workers’ compensation cases, including filing the necessary paperwork with the Workers Compensation Appeals Board and arranging medical evaluations, in addition to attending hearings at either WCAB or trial as necessary.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Mast hails from Pennsylvania. He loves taking on projects where he can use his hands from start to finish to craft something from nothing – something which also brings great satisfaction when completed successfully. Additionally, Daniel is highly committed to his family as well as being part of 5150 Action and Tempest Freerunning; an American stunt team which has doubled for stars such as Mark Wahlberg and Jake Gyllenhaal in movies such as Raging Bull.

He has been at ECE for 26 years and possesses a vast knowledge of all the equipment used by the department. Known for his helpful demeanor and willingness to share advice with students, Nikita Parikh, an ECE junior says he is the backbone of Everitt; helping everyone within it through upgrades that provide more access and helping another figure out how elevators could accommodate people with disabilities.

Professional Career

He specializes in workers compensation cases and has managed many. He takes care of all legal steps involved, from filing paperwork at WCAB to gathering medical evaluations and representing clients at hearings with either WCAB or the court.

He takes great pleasure in learning the latest trends and technology to provide superior service for his customers, and is proud to show their gratitude through hard work and dedication he shows towards the company he proudly works for.

He has long held a passion for music, playing the euphonium with Tracy Community Band as well as local bands in the area. Additionally, he belongs to several nonprofit organizations such as Tracy Breakfast Lions Club and Elks Lodge while remaining actively involved with his church community.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Mast was recognized at MAST with numerous honors and awards during his time there, including being honored as one of six regional scholars by being selected a District Scholar in 2006 Sunshine Scholars Program competitions across South Florida.

He received numerous honors, such as the Distinguished Service Cross, three letters of commendation, two Medals of Honor with two Bronze Stars each for China Relief Expedition medal with two stars; Philippine Campaign medal with two stars; World War I Victory medal with Aisne-Saint Mihiel-Argonne-Defensive Sector clasps and clasps of Defensive Sector clasps and more.

His membership at Alive Church Ephrata included photography as his passion and was greatly respected. He leaves behind his wife Rebecca and sons Ryan Jesse and James Daniel as well as an unborn daughter due in June as legacy to this extraordinary man of faith and family life.

Personal Life

Daniel Mast possesses a passion for music. As an active member of Tracy Community Band and playing euphonium for them, Daniel also takes great pleasure in helping his community through various charitable and nonprofit organizations like Tracy Breakfast Lion’s Club and Elk’s Lodge.

His experience includes representing victims of motor vehicle accidents and slip-and-fall cases in jury trials, workers’ compensation claims and Subsequent Injury Fund cases.

Personal interests of Robert include being active in his church and gardening. Along with Karyn, Robert enjoys traveling with their family and taking great pleasure in caring for their pets.

Net Worth

Daniel Mast has been practicing real estate for over 10 years. As an agent, his focus lies on providing his clients with support, strong leadership and the tools to achieve success in real estate investing. Daniel’s passion and dedication have contributed to building an extremely successful business which can be evidenced in his high customer satisfaction ratings.

Dan is an LA-based stunt performer and member of the famed Tempest Freerunning team, known for their freerunning stunts on films such as Transformers, Star Trek Beyond and Westworld.

His estimated net worth ranges between $1 and $6 Million dollars, garnered from his primary career as a baseball player as well as investments and property sales.

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