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Dan McNeal on Wall Street

Daniel McNeal’s family remembers him as someone who always looked for ways to assist others, making an impactful difference in many lives – particularly on Wall Street.

He serves as an active mentor for students through his anxiety, psychophysiology and pain research laboratory, acting on numerous committees such as dissertation, senior honors thesis and McNair scholar project committees.

Early Life and Education

Danieal was an engaging and active child; according to one teacher she was one of the top students in special needs classes. Unfortunately, Danieal was killed as the result of neglectful acts committed against her by both her mother and father as well as multiple others.

McNeal was remembered by those who knew him as being kind-hearted with an outstanding work ethic. He enjoyed truck driving with his brother and would ride rails across all 50 US coasts for adventure and fun.

Current academic activities for Dr. Wells-Barnett include being the Ida B. Wells-Barnett Professor at DePaul University in Chicago and an adjunct professor at York University. His research interests center around Black studies, social justice issues, anti-oppression theories and art forms; additionally he offers courses in African Diaspora Studies.

Professional Career

Professor McNeil’s research and teaching examine how movement, travel and relocation impact creative development, cultural history writing and political decision-making. He has published in communication studies as well as cultural studies disciplines; currently working on writing a book about Black intellectuals post civil rights era.

Mr. White was an esteemed scientist, educator and mentor who served as director of Oklahoma University’s Physician Associate Program from 1994-2013. There he utilized his unique combination of basic medical scientist training and physician assistant experience to teach anatomy to PA students while moonlighting at clinical jobs during this time period.

Family and friends remembered him as being kind, generous and affectionate towards his grandchildren. He had an immense sense of humor as well as being highly socially aware.

Achievement and Honors

After being medically evacuated from a combat zone in Africa, McNeal experienced numerous injuries including broken hand/wrist fractures, severe rib and chest contusions and traumatic brain trauma. But instead of giving in to his injuries, McNeal committed himself to becoming an assistant dean at Carleton University.

His research spans both national and disciplinary borders. He has written several books, such as Sex and Race in the Black Atlantic (Routledge, 2010), which examines prurient histories that presented mixed-race individuals as pathological objects while attributing ethnically ambiguous figures as post-racial icons.

He holds both the Queen’s National Scholar Chair in Black Studies and Ida B. Wells-Barnett Visiting Professorships at DePaul University in Chicago as well as a Public Humanities Faculty Fellowship from the University of Toronto. His work challenges historical consciousness suppression while connecting Black liberation movements to global struggles for antiracist futures.

Personal Life

Daniel McNeal was always ready to lend a helping hand, even as a truck driver. According to his mother, Daniel mentored a disadvantaged youth he met while trying to arrange a scholarship for them at Boston College.

Police reported that during the crash, a woman on McNeal’s phone spoke without identifying herself; however, video posted by a friend shows the truck blocking Lincoln Avenue in Exmore and there may even be evidence of Taylor speaking on its recording.

Friends say trucking was in her blood. She often called her son on long hauls to keep him awake, though on Sept 11 her call went unanswered and no response came back from anyone answering it. Although her family misses her terribly, they also know she is still here with them and there will always be someone watching over their backs.

Net Worth

Dan Levi has amassed an estimated net worth between $1 and $3 Million during his career as a radio broadcaster.

He had been part of Chicago sports radio station “670 The Score(WSCR)” since 1992 but recently was fired for criticizing ESPN sideline reporter Maria Taylor’s Monday Night Outfit via social media.

McNeil Development Company specializes in real estate. Their company has an established presence in Cortland County with 55 properties under management. Rephael and Abel are his sons; he loves authentic chicken dishes as well as elegant fish curries.

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