Daniel McShan

Daniel McShan

Ian David McShane is an English actor best known for his performances on television and film, particularly as Lovejoy from BBC series Doctor Who and Al Swearengen from Deadwood series/American Gods film series/film continuation.

In 2019, he was arrested on felony stalking charges after one of his female victims reported him to law enforcement.

Early Life and Education

McShan is a graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas and North Texas State University. In his free time he volunteers with organizations like United Way and East Dallas Chamber of Commerce; serving on their pro bono and retirement committees respectively as well as overseeing associate and counsel compensation in their Dallas office for over 10 years.

McShan is widely known for his long career in law and his many roles on television – Al Swearengen in HBO’s Deadwood (including its 2019 film version), Mr. Wednesday in American Gods, as well as many historical characters in various miniseries. He is celebrated for evoking strong emotions through his performances.

Personal life for Mr. Brown includes three children. Additionally, he holds 33rd degree Mason status and is a charter member of Dallas Council for Retarded Children.

Professional Career

Daniel McShan has made his mark in healthcare through interfacing treatment planning data with one of the first treatment machines. Additionally, he has worked on radiation dose calculation algorithms and multiple projects related to computer assisted therapy. Furthermore, Daniel taught radiation physics residents while acting as a mentor for therapy students.

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On Friday, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office received information of an alleged stalking incident from its victim. Deputies interviewed her and were able to identify Daniel McShan, 40-year-old Daniel was then taken into custody and booked on charges for felony stalking.

Achievement and Honors

McShane is perhaps best-known for his television roles such as Lovejoy on BBC, Al Swearengen in both Deadwood (HBO original series and 2019 film continuation), and Mr. Wednesday from American Gods TV and film series. For his performance in Deadwood he received numerous honors such as winning a Golden Globe Award and receiving nominations from Emmy Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards – in addition to appearing in many British and American films.

Personal Life

McShane lives in the United States with his wife and two children, as well as being an animal enthusiast with his beloved Chihuahua named Lily. In his free time he enjoys reading books and playing board games.

On Friday, May 6, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a report of stalking whereby the victim identified 40-year-old Daniel McShane as being involved. Subsequently, McShane was taken into custody and booked onto felony stalking charges by authorities.

McShane is best-known for his roles as Al Swearengen on Deadwood and Det. Lankford in Sons of Anarchy/Southland as Det. Lankford/Sheriff Galpin on Wednesday; as well as several film appearances. For his performances he was nominated for both Golden Globe Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2005.

Net Worth

McShane boasts an estimated net worth of $10 Million. His primary source of income comes from acting roles such as Deadwood, Lovejoy and Ray Donovan on television shows like Deadwood or Lovejoy on film – as well as providing narration services for ESPN coverage of Open Championship events.

He has appeared in multiple movies such as drama The Pillars of the Earth and adventure Jack the Giant Slayer. Additionally, he plays Cameron Hayes on both Sons of Anarchy and Southland recurringly and guest stars on several other series such as 24, House, and Bloodline.

Other noteworthy film roles he has played include armed robber Jack Last from Minder episode “The Last Video Show,” crime boss Wolfe Lisner in Villain, Captain Hook in Shrek the Third, crimelord Teddy Bass from Sexy Beast, Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda and Ragnar Sturlusson and Blackbeard from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Additionally he voiced many characters such as these!

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