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Multimedia Journalist – Daniel Pizarro

Daniel Pizarro has over 10 years of experience working as a Multimedia Journalist within the media industry, having previously held roles at companies including KMSG TV America, Ngaarda Media Clareville Press Starter FM Ticker Radio Canberra as well as covering both Australian and International News & Sport stories.

In this video, he explains his decision to answer honestly the census question regarding his race.

Early Life and Education

As soon as news reached Spain that there was a new world west of the Atlantic Ocean, Pizarro became eager for adventure. He joined Alonso de Ojeda’s Uraba expedition before later joining Vasco Nunez de Balboa on his voyage that discovered the Pacific Ocean.

Pizarro was known for his military prowess and determined nature, so when reports surfaced that an empire controlled by Inca King was filled with treasure he decided to go in pursuit of it. Gathering a small force, he set sail for Panama in 1528.

Pizarro felt strongly opposed by Panamanian officials and so returned to Spain to personally petition Charles V for permission for their expedition. After convincing Charles V of its advantages, he received authority over what became New Castile territory.

Professional Career

Pizarro works as a Cybersecurity Analyst for Black Hills Information Security (BHIS). He develops open-source security tools, works as a penetration tester, and participates in bug bounty programs. With extensive industry experience and an affinity for learning new things, he strives to continuously upgrade his abilities.

In 2012, Pizarro launched CubanBurger in Harrisonburg as a solo operation; offering takeout and delivery. Additionally, he subleased space from Wine On Water on W. Water Street for its kitchen space.

Pizarro won his maiden Bundesliga championship with Bayern Munich that same year, then was selected in Chile’s squad for World Cup qualifiers, ending an eight-year absence from international football and scoring his third Copa America goal against Venezuela that year.

Achievement and Honors

Pizarro has enjoyed an exceptional culinary career that spans three decades. As a master of European cooking incorporating French techniques, he has held executive chef positions at several Michelin-star restaurants before settling at Avec Bistro and Provision in New Haven CT as the current executive chef.

Pizarro played an essential role in the first crossing of Panama to reach the Pacific Ocean and served as mayor for this newly founded city from 1519-1523. He was a trusted associate of Vasco Nunez de Balboa and assisted him during his voyage that led to discovering this oceanic basin.

Pizarro was an icon at both Bayern Munich and Werder Bremen, often drawing comparisons to great players like Franz Beckenbauer and Gerd Muller. At age 64 he scored his first Bundesliga goal with Werder Bremen against Hertha BSC during stoppage-time tiebreaker vs. Hertha.

Personal Life

Daniel Pizarro has over 10 years of experience working as a multimedia journalist in Australia’s media industry, working at organizations such as Ticker TV, Clareville Press Radio Canberra Network Ten North East Broadcasters and Deutsche Welle.

He and Bruni manage For La Diaspora, a creative studio connecting brands to Latino communities through culturally inspired design and bilingual communications. Their work explores how art can provide new solutions and connections around complex issues like climate change and its effect on marginalized communities.

Net Worth

Sonia Pizarro, best known as Sonia Repo on “Operation Repo,” achieved fame after appearing on the reality series. Her popularity on this program quickly attracted followers; over 10 seasons aired helped Sonia accrue a substantial fortune through this means.

Although details regarding her personal life remain scarce, it is believed she is married. Her net worth has been estimated between $1- $5 Million. As well as being an actress, she is also an activist against Nicolas Maduro’s regime in Venezuela, advocating for humanitarian aid to enter and demanding that those criticizing it be respected by his administration.

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