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Dan Plews – Triathlete, Researcher and Coach

Dan Plews, known by his moniker ‘The Plews’ in the world of heart rate variability (HRV) research and triathlon competition, is also an accomplished coach who has collaborated closely with athletes to achieve success including winning multiple world and Olympic titles for rowing, kayak and triathlon disciplines.

Greg Bennett shared how he assisted Chelsea in competing in her inaugural Ironman and discussed any challenges she encountered along the way.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Plews was an American professional baseball player who competed in the major leagues. Born in East Helena, Montana and educated at Urbana-Champaign University of Illinois. Plews was selected by the Yankees and signed as their backup second baseman before leaving them after just one season of service in 1950.

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Greg Bennett interviews Dr. Dan Plews, an Applied Sports Scientist, researcher, and elite coach renowned for his work around heart rate variability (HRV) and low carb performance as well as co-founding the dynamic training app TRIQ.

Professional Career

Dan is an internationally acclaimed athlete, researcher and coach. An expert in HRV and low carb performance, he has over 21 peer reviewed publications in this area. Dan has worked with athletes such as Mahe Drysdale, Lisa Carrington and Hamish Bond who have won world and Olympic medals in rowing kayaking or triathlon events – these athletes include Mahe Drysdale, Lisa Carrington and Hamish Bond among many more.

He is an Applied Sports Scientist, Researcher and Coach with a PhD in Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Additionally, he competes as an age group triathlete while coaching elite athletes like Terenzo Bozzone, Jan Van Berkel and Chelsea Sodaro; Sodaro recently experienced her first Ironman win at Kona over the weekend under his tutelage! This life changing experience confirmed his belief in creating a balance between training load and rest time.

Achievement and Honors

Dan Plews is an academically rigorous triathlon coach of high performance who was appointed Gomez Noya’s new trainer by their coach Prieto; however they acknowledged they needed someone new in order to achieve new triathlon challenges and enhance each tournament experience.

Plews holds the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon age group world record with his time of 8 hours 24 minutes for age group competitors in 8:24 (eight hours 24 minutes). To measure training adaptation he uses heart rate variability analysis, and coaches triathletes like Terenzo Bozzone and Jan van Berkel to finish in sub eight hour times.

He assisted the Women’s Olympic Kayak Team during Tokyo, and now lives in New Zealand with Lisa Carrington, an accomplished professional triathlete and wife. Together they coach athletes of all ages and abilities ranging from beginners to elites.

Personal Life

Dan Plews is an internationally recognized expert on heart rate variability research and an elite coach, having assisted athletes from around the globe achieve their goals. Additionally, he co-founded TRIQ App – dynamic training tracking app with over 17 years experience in endurance sports -.

He recently guided Chelsea Sodaro to her successful Kona debut time of 8:33 this past weekend. He details how they prepared her after giving birth just 18 months prior, to race at an elite level once again.

Dan also emphasizes the significance of monitoring sweat salt levels to improve performance by understanding what is happening within your body, as well as outlining key factors that distinguish good from great athletes. Dan has a passion for education and sharing his knowledge with athletes.

Net Worth

Plews’ experience as a professional athlete and knowledge of physiology have made him an in-demand trainer, working with Terenzo Bozzone, Jan Van Berkel, Caroline Steffen and the New Zealand America’s Cup sailing team among many others.

Sports scientist and amateur triathlete Mahe Drysdale are among those he coaches as an amateur. Under his direction, 25 world and Olympic titles in rowing were won, including those won by men’s pairs Hamish Bond and Eric Murray.

At Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc, he served as coach to Gomez during her record-setting Ironman win in 2018. He credits Gomez’s success to careful preparation, consistency, and an incredible mindset. Currently he holds the position of Executive Vice President & General Manager Industrial O.

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