Daniel Reeders

Daniel Reeders – Real Estate Professional and HIV Prevention Worker

Daniel Reeders has worked in HIV prevention since 2004, both at Living Positive Victoria and NAPWHA. Since 2008 he has written his blog Bad Blood while undertaking research into emerging movements seeking to alter established responses to health issues. Daniel was previously project officer – education resources at NAPWHA.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Reeder was born in Blain, Perry County, Pennsylvania on 18 September 1838. As an adult he worked on his family farm as well as learning carpentry skills from their master carpenters. Later he served in the Union Army during the American Civil War before being laid to rest at Jackson Prairie Cemetery in Orland, Indiana.

Robert has three children and four grandchildren living in Watsontown; Cody lives with Allison while two of his stepgrandchildren reside here: Laurie Ann LaBella and Joe Tully are his stepgrandchildren as well. Additionally he has several nieces and nephews.

He earned his degrees in Arts and Law at the University of Melbourne, before graduating with a Grad Dip in Public Health from Flinders University. Now, he is studying emerging organizations that combat drug criminalisation and HIV stigma as part of his PhD research, working part time as the Learning Project officer at NAPWHA while blogging about HIV stigmatisation strategies on his website “Bad Blood”.

Professional Career

Daniel Reeder is an experienced Real Estate Professional working for CBRE who specializes in the northern Delaware market. He has played an instrumental role in their growth while being highly regarded for his honest and intelligent business approach.

He is an advocate for LGBT community. He has contributed to various blogs and websites. Additionally, he holds strong passions in both arts and education.

He has performed with nationally-recognized companies, such as Ballet Memphis, Carolina Ballet and West Australian Ballet. He has danced in works by Matthew Neenan, Trey McIntyre, Ana Lopez Ochoa and Mark Godden choreographers as Principal and Soloist roles.

Achievement and Honors

Reeder serves as master of ceremonies at Christmas Chapel and helps break down barriers between students, faculty and administration during this annual event.

Reeders is also an accomplished visual artist whose works have been shown at various exhibitions and seminars. He is dedicated to teaching and believes strongly in unlocking each student’s full potential.

Reeder earned the university’s Distinguished Teaching Award in 2014. Reeder prides himself on developing relationships and making learning enjoyable for his students, becoming an iconic figure on campus with songs such as “Kung Fu is My Fighting Style” and “Born A Worm”. His most recent album – Nobody wants to Be You – showcases this side, featuring folk/pop tracks with electric guitar distorted guitar tracks blending in beautifully together.

Personal Life

Daniel Reeders is an experienced communicator and HIV prevention worker. Since 2004 he has worked in community-led organisations and advocacy for prevention efforts including Victorian AIDS Council and Living Positive Victoria. Additionally he writes a popular blog – Bad Blood – as well as being an academic researcher on strategies related to HIV prevention at Australian Research Centre for Sexual Health and Society.

Reeder Acreage flourished during the 1930s and he constructed a second house on Holt Avenue to accommodate his expanding family. However, postwar development pressures began taking their toll on local citrus industry, prompting J. C. Reeder to sell all but one acre of Home Place property to his younger sons in 1946. George and Hazel continued to reside at Homestead even with all the changes in surrounding area while keeping all records for their property intact.

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