Daniel Soh

Interview With Daniel Soh, Sr VP & Chief Credit Officer at First Northwest Inc

Daniel Soh is the Senior Account Director for PureSpectrum Asia and will join us today to discuss how COVID-19 pandemic has affected online panel industry in Asia.

He possesses extensive expertise on leadership issues affecting Asia and excels at finding top candidates from diverse geographies and industries for key positions.

Early Life and Education

Tadeu and Deusa from a small band decided to honor Daniel Soh’s legacy after his passing by recording his favourite country song as a cover song, which went viral online and eventually met Cesar, one of the biggest names in music industry who auditioned them; unfortunately he chose only Deusa as part of his band.

Soh took advantage of his time with MINDEF to attend international conferences that provided him with developmental opportunities beyond its confines. For instance, attending one in the US enabled him to enhance his communication skills while networking with researchers from all around the globe.

Professional Career

He played professional football as a left back for St Paul’s of Jersey, Chelsea, Blackburn Rovers and Southampton as well as being selected for England national team duty. Additionally he now works as television pundit.

He currently works as the senior account manager of PureSpectrum Asia, overseeing online panel industry in that region. He joined during COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and shares how that decision impacted him.

Specialising in helping regional businesses rapidly build high-performing management teams capable of expanding and reinforcing their presence across Asia, he also has an in-depth knowledge of current leadership issues within Asian organizations – having successfully placed senior leaders across ASEAN, Greater China and Japan. Working in executive search since 1998 – previously managing his own regional retained search practice –

Achievement and Honors

Soh is a certified behavioral trainer and mentor, and has also obtained multiple professional certifications from LinkedIn – such as Cultivating a Growth Mindset and Building Your Career Plan. In addition, he regularly presents at industry conferences and forums.

He is a trusted adviser for business leaders across Asia who need assistance with talent acquisition challenges and has rapidly built high-performing management teams. He specializes in placing Chief Executive Officers and other senior executives throughout ASEAN, Greater China and Japan.

In 2019, he made his Netflix series Only For Love debut as Tadeu, singer of a country music band. The series chronicles a girl attempting to approach major names within the music industry with hopes that they would help promote her song.

Personal Life

Daniel Soh resides in Singapore with his wife and daughter. He enjoys an effective work-life balance while engaging in numerous interests. Daniel takes time out of each day to develop new skills and attend professional development courses; for instance, recently participating in LinkedIn learning highlights on Cultivating a Growth Mindset and Finding Your Strengths as well as undertaking a research project in San Diego with MINDEF.

His hobbies include reading, listening to music and watching television shows; as well as cooking and baking.

Net Worth

On 6 September 2022, his estimated net worth is estimated at $886 thousand dollars. As Senior Vice President & Chief Credit Officer at First Northwest Inc, he reportedly earns an annual salary of $368,803. Over the past year he completed three trades of FFNW stock as well as owning over 5,749 units of company ownership.

Only For Love follows a country music band and their female member Eva as she attempts to gain fame through country music. When her song goes viral, Eva contacts prominent figures within the industry to try and gain her exposure – unfortunately her attempt at approaching Daniel Soh ended tragically and ultimately led to his demise.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the net worth data presented here may differ significantly from its true value due to social factors and may fluctuate considerably over time.

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