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Dan Strollo, 68, Has Resigned From the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office

Assistant District Attorney Dan Strollo has submitted his resignation from Monroe County’s District Attorney’s Office after posting on social media about George Floyd’s death and prompting local Black Lives Matter activists to call and demand that Strollo leave.

Strollo’s role was to prosecute cases related to both the Major Felonies Bureau and Domestic Violence Bureau; with latter overseeing cases involving crimes committed against intimate partners.

Early Life and Education

Strollo hails from Long Branch, New Jersey. After graduating from Boston College with a degree in education and later earning his master’s at Springfield College. Today he serves as executive director of the Penguin Club that raises money for Youngstown State athletics – leading them to unprecedented growth in membership revenues and endowing scholarships.

He leaves behind his beloved wife Barbara and three of their four children – Patrick (Sharon) Strollo of St Louis, MO; Thomas Strollo from Chicago, IL and David Strollo from Vancouver, BC – along with sixteen grandchildren including Dayla Sheshany, Dominick Hanel Kara and Katie Slaiman as well as 16 great-grandchildren.

Local Black Lives Matter activists took to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram quickly after Strollo used racist rhetoric against Black lives matter activists in order to demand that he be fired. An organizer with Free the People Roc stated that someone in Strollo’s position should not use such language and it has compromised trust in legal system.

Professional Career

Dan Strollo, senior assistant district attorney with Monroe County D.A. Sandra Doorley’s office resigned this week after posting a controversial Instagram post comparing coverage and funerals received by George Floyd to those received by soldiers killed in action. Free the People ROC shared his post.

Strollo began his legal career at the D.A.’s office in Orange County as head of Domestic Violence Unit before transitioning to Monroe County and becoming one of the premier Major Felony Bureau prosecutors there. A graduate from Rochester, he now resides there as well.

Achievement and Honors

Strollo served as executive director of the Penguin Club from 1995 until 2001 and oversaw its growth to unprecedented membership revenue and endowed scholarship funds. Furthermore, he oversaw Youngstown State’s transition into the Horizon League that year.

Strollo previously served on Roof’s coaching staff at the University of Massachusetts and Maine, serving as offensive line coach for the Black Bears during 1995.

Strollo has received many honors throughout his career, such as being named Associated Students Outstanding Leader from 2023-2024 and receiving the Jeremy Johansen Award. Additionally, he received the Yale-Seton Book Award given out annually to ten high school seniors exhibiting academic promise and character. Each winner receives two books–one to keep and donate back to their library–in which to keep forever.

Personal Life

Daniel Strollo currently resides with his wife and children in Livonia. He has been linked with Jacquelyn Strollo, Sheri Strollo, Bryan Strollo and free public records show he has resided on Woodruff Rd in Livonia as well as Spring St in Honeoye Falls; additionally he has visited Royal Palm Beach. He is 68 years old and married for 18 years. A post on his now deleted Instagram account that compares the amount of media coverage and funerals given for George Floyd with those for soldiers killed in combat has resulted in his resignation from Monroe County District Attorney’s Office after five years working there (WHAM). (WHAM) – Monroe County’s District Attorney Office reports a senior assistant district attorney has left following an offensive social media post related to George Floyd’s death on social media. (WHAM) –

Net Worth

Daniel Strollo is an American radio host and social media influencer with an enormous following on Instagram. As founder of media management company Rising Entertainment and AtlantaFest event host alongside Newsboys, Mandisa and Colton Dixon. Additionally he hosts podcasts as a regular presence at Passion Conference and Townhall meetings.

He once belonged to the Pittsburgh mob family [1], but was forced to testify against other mob members in 2004 as part of an illegal racketeering prosecution, leading to his conviction and 13 year sentence in jail.

He has lived in Livonia, New York for 19 years. According to free public records, Marie A Strollo and they have 2 children together. Over time he has used various email and phone numbers.

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