Daniel Sunray

Daniel Sunray

Daniel Sunray works as a jewelry sales representative, possessing in-depth knowledge of different gemstones. Additionally, he excels at providing customers with sound advice regarding which pieces of jewellery would suit their budget best.

Sun Ra was fascinated with all things supernatural and mystical, with strong Gnostic leanings. His stage shows often featured striking visual effects such as vivid lighting or murals depicting tropical or oasis scenes.

Early Life and Education

Daniel was born and raised in Dumas, Texas and dedicated his life to Moore County. He served as a volunteer with Meals on Wheels as well as working towards improving housing for many residents of Moore County. Additionally, Daniel served the Dumas Noon Lions Club along with other roles.

His personal spiritual system had strong Gnostic influences, with elements from Kabbalah, Rosicrucianism, channeling, Freemasonry and ancient Egyptian mysticism all taking their cues from it. Additionally, he was wary of using Scriptures such as the Bible to justify slavery as part of his beliefs system.

Daniel began teaching spiritual empowerment classes and workshops in 2017. His satsangs and workshops provide clear explanations of nondualism and how it applies to everyday living; additionally he published A Kiss From Reality as an educational book on this subject matter.

Professional Career

Daniel Sunray owns and operates a jewelry shop in Jerusalem that focuses on improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales by using effective selling skills and providing quality products. Daniel also acts as Mashgiach (Judaic kosher supervisor).

In 1980, Bill Sebastian introduced an Outerspace Visual Communicator into his performances – an electronic creation which produced images rather than sound and could only be controlled using keyboard controls.

As well as this, he has held workshops and satsangs that explore non-duality clearly and written a book called A Kiss from Reality. Furthermore, he offers one-on-one sessions to guide people through the awakening process.

Achievement and Honors

He attended the University of Plymouth and has performed in a number of productions at Theatre Royal Plymouth including Boots at the Door and 18. Most recently he has joined The Actor’s Wheel Company as an actor.

Sun Ray began offering A Course in Miracles classes to students worldwide in 2022, in response to Daniel’s clear calling to teach ACIM and create an environment which supports its study and implementation into daily life.

Honor students participating in this program engage in challenging and enriching academic activities while being mentored by faculty and completing a major research project. In addition, they enjoy extracurricular events such as cultural outings to top New York destinations or leadership workshops.

Personal Life

Daniel Sunray possesses considerable expertise in precious and semi-precious stones, is an accomplished restaurant manager, Mashgiach and Mashgiach having held various managerial positions across a number of restaurants. Additionally, Daniel Sunray is also a gifted jeweler.

Sun Ra and the Arkestra made their inaugural West Coast tour in late 1968. Many hippies unfamiliar with long-form psychedelia found these performances, which featured dancers, singers, and musicians alongside long-form psychedelia, to be unexpected and bemusing.

He began teaching spiritual empowerment, with an emphasis on non-duality. This aligned with his beliefs derived from Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way, channeling, Kabbalah, Freemasonry, Ancient Egyptian Mysticism and Black nationalism. To share his work he established the Sun Ray organization; additionally he also hosted Headless Way workshops and satsangs.

Net Worth

Sunray’s net worth has been estimated to exceed $1.49 Billion as of 14 August 2017 according to Form 4 filings with the SEC. He has made seven trades of Hyatt Hotels stock since 2010, the most significant being selling 8,654,050 units of it for over $498,300,199 on 14 August 2017.

Faye was an active member of several clubs and organizations including 20th Century Study Club, D.A.R, Sunbeams and Cowbells; her family includes Kent of the home; sons Gerald, Dale and Larry Cartrite from Amarillo Texas; sister Benna Jo Palmer of Las Cruces New Mexico; granddaughters Lacy Donn and Heather Cartrite both from Dumas Texas as well as great grandchildren Chandler Gwyn, Rylee Raynee Reed.

Daniel Sunjata’s acting career spans over thirty years and has earned him numerous renowned credits – from movies and TV series such as The West Wing to numerous appearances in popular commercials and commercial films.

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