Daniel Walaszek

Who is Daniel Walaszek?

Public records contain numerous people named Daniel Walaszek; among them were co-workers at Accruent (a company providing software solutions to workplace and asset management organizations to unify their built environments for improved management), neighbors or relatives – making public records difficult to navigate at times.

Early Life and Education

His father was a Polish army officer with charm and vibrancy who organized the first Slavic Philatelic Exhibition in Katowice. On the other hand, his mother Olga was of Russian descent with elegance and an irrepressibly lively sense of humour – both characteristics which made her perfect to bring up four sons of Polish and Russian heritage together in Poland.

Walaszek initially studied law and sociology at the University of Cracow. Following World War II, however, his focus shifted toward chemistry; enrolling into Wolfson College Centre’s London programme and graduating with his master’s degree.

Soon thereafter he moved to Kansas City, Missouri, becoming the inaugural director of Toxicology Research Laboratory at Kansas University Medical Center (KUMC). Since then he has published over 120 peer-reviewed articles and secured grants worth more than $30 Million.

Professional Career

John has had a distinguished 70-year career. Over this span, he has served on various high-profile committees that have had profound effects on research. This included being a member of the Wooldridge Committee at NIH which had an immense effect on future activities there; also serving on 10 Advisory Committees for US Environmental Protection Agency which included individuals from industry, government and academia to address complex risk science issues in an integrated fashion.

Accruent offers software designed to assist workplace and asset management organizations unify their built environment for more effective management of people, spaces and things. Customers include more than half of Fortune 100 companies; their employees reside worldwide. For more information please visit: www.accrutent.com

Personal Life

He searched for people devoted to truth-seeking with noble, courageous and sincere dedication who could work towards a collective cause that transcended their individual interests – something he found both as a student in Poland and later when joining an exclusive group of young colleagues fighting communist rule together.

Security services [Sluzba Bezpieczenstwa (SB)] were quick to identify foreign travel and contacts as potentially subversive in Poland, so it came as no surprise that they closely monitored him. His correspondence was read clandestinely while other surveillance techniques were utilized on him as well. To document his experience he published A Story of a Polish Thinker which chronicles the life of an academic fighting for intellectual independence.

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