Daniel Whitten

Daniel Whitten for Prince George County Attorney

Daniel lives a relatively peaceful existence with his parents and five-year-old sister Erica. His salary from working as a county attorney provides a comfortable income stream.

Two relatives of the alleged victim have come out against Whitten and accused him of grooming and sexually abusing her from when she was 14 until now. He has denied all claims.

Early Life and Education

Daniel was raised by parents who instilled the importance of showing kindness towards others, helping him develop an immense capacity for empathy. This quality is particularly notable when dealing with those suffering, such as when watching footage of real-life violence unfold on TV or movies.

Daniel was quick to learn sign language, which proved particularly helpful when a deaf boy and his widowed mother moved next door. Soon enough, Michael and Daniel quickly formed an attachment, with Daniel often acting as Michael’s interpreter – the two could rarely be found apart from one another.

He joined his school band after hearing Nightwish mention the flute in one of their songs and found great pleasure in working together as part of an effort to both improve themselves individually and form an overall performance ensemble.

Professional Career

Daniel is one of Canada’s premier employment lawyers and the go-to choice for executives, employees and contractors looking for assistance with termination and severance matters. An adept litigator, master strategist and adept negotiator who consistently produces phenomenal results swiftly.

He was a loving husband to Starr, who was deeply attached to their beloved dogs Copper and Nilla. Additionally, he was a passionate follower of both Greenville Swamp Dogs and Chicago Cubs baseball teams.

Attorney Whitten hails from Northwest Indiana and attended Andrean High School and Indiana University before earning her Juris Doctorate from Valparaiso University School of Law. Since then, she has filed thousands of bankruptcy cases throughout Indiana focusing on each individual client’s unique needs and requirements.

Achievement and Honors

Whitten was the son of an Airborne Ranger and joined Fort Bragg, North Carolina-based 1st Battalion 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment 4th Brigade Combat Team as part of 82nd Airborne Division’s 4th Brigade Combat Team 4th Brigade Combat Team at Fort Bragg to serve his nation and earn one Oak Leaf Cluster on his Bronze Star Medal, among numerous awards and decorations.

Two individuals died while supporting Operation Enduring Freedom on Feb. 2 in Zabul Province; both came from Grimes, Iowa and were 28 years old.

On Tuesday evening at a joint Front Royal-Warren County meeting, Chris Holloway of Front Royal City Council gave us a sneak peak into what might happen with EDA embezzlement by asking Dan Whitten whether or not he represented either Warren County, Front Royal City Council, or both EDA entities he claimed to represent. Whitten responded “both,” to which there was no apparent response from audience members present.

Personal Life

Whitten loves woodworking and repurposing beautiful salvaged materials in his free time, along with reading Patrick O’Brian novels. In addition, he loves traveling with Starr; they even take their two dogs hiking often!

He has a daughter currently serving in the military and has organized fundraisers for fallen soldiers. Additionally, he serves on the Board of the Airborne and Special Operations Museum.

Relatives of an alleged victim have voiced displeasure at how little information the sheriff’s department has released about her case. Although they requested news releases several times, neither the sheriff’s or district attorney’s offices responded.

Net Worth

PRINCE GEORGE, VA — The Prince George County Board of Supervisors unanimously supported Daniel Whitten this week as county attorney, replacing recently resigned Steve Micas at a salary of $117,300 starting September 16th. Whitten currently works in Warren County as attorney before coming home to Front Royal where his family currently resides.

She and her husband share an exquisite home, where she has two dogs named after him. She keeps a picture of him in a shadow box on the living room table alongside his military awards and decorations. Additionally, they took part in a paver stone dedication at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum to remember those killed in Afghanistan (joining 1,437 others who stand as memorials to fallen service members).

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