Daniel Wilhelm

Daniel Wilhelm

Daniel Wilhelm is an award-winning chamber musician, soloist, and educator who is widely admired for his phrasing and musicality in the upper register of tuba/euphonium.

He is also an award-winning non-profit executive who advises leading organizations on strategies related to justice and law reform. Prior to Vera, he served as Senior Fellow.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Wilhelm is President of the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, an esteemed non-profit that conducts research and funds programs to address violence and conflict both domestically and abroad. Additionally, he works at law firm Sidley & Austin where he practices criminal law; additionally he has written extensively on this topic.

He returned to YouTube in 2018 and began uploading gaming videos under the moniker “Dani.” These were devlogs where he focused on learning game development using Unity.

He is an accomplished tubist and educator in Indianapolis’ surrounding area, teaching students the low brass instruments such as tuba. He has won top marks at both District and State solo competitions with particular praise given for his musicality, phrasing, and dynamics.

Professional Career

Dan Wilhelm provides independent data science and software development consulting with an emphasis on machine learning. He has built four complete flagship products for startups, taught classes at General Assembly and written open source neural network software; additionally he has published book chapters and interned at Microsoft as well as two national labs.

As Executive Director of the Guggenheim Foundation, he will oversee its research programs that aim to address issues of violence and conflict around the globe. Working closely with its Board and senior leadership team, he will ensure that its legacy of research informs policy and practice continues uninterrupted.

Wilhelm is widely respected as a performer, distinguished by his exceptional phrasing and dynamic range in the upper tessitura of tuba and euphonium tessituras. He has garnered many accolades in solo competitions while teaching low brass performance techniques to other musicians.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel is an award-winning chamber musician and tuba teacher, known for his exceptional musicality and effortless upper tessitura playing on tuba. He regularly competes in solo and ensemble competitions at both District and State levels, garnering high praise for both phrasing and dynamics in performance.

He has contributed articles to Vera, the American Journal of International Law and Federal Sentencing Reporter as well as testified before various state and federal panels regarding criminal justice issues. Furthermore, he advises several university research initiatives on crime and justice reform reform.

Surviving are his parents and stepmother, Don and Mary Wilhelm of Detroit Lakes; children Lance and Chantelle Wilhelm both of Bismarck; as well as three grandchildren. Private family services will be held in Bismarck. He was predeceased by his mother Kristi Wilhelm.

Personal Life

Daniel Wilhelm is an award-winning tubist, chamber musician, and educator. Distinguished for his exceptional phrasing, musicality, and dynamic range in performances as a performer; his students regularly place in regional and state tuba-euphonium competitions as well as many competing in Artist Division events.

He has given expert testimony before governmental panels in over 20 states on crime policy matters and written about justice-reform strategies for Vera, American Bar Association and Federal Sentencing Reporter publications. Additionally, he has advised leading non-profit organizations.

He is survived by his wife Gina, sons Lance and Leo; daughter Chantelle; as well as an extended family of which many members were predeceased by him. A memorial service will take place in Bismarck prior to a private family burial service taking place there shortly.

Net Worth

Wilhelm is a graduate of Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, Harvard Divinity School and Georgetown’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. He has published articles and columns related to justice and crime policy for publications like Vera, American Bar Association Journal Federal Sentencing Reporter and American Journal of International Law. Additionally he has testified before government panels in over 20 states regarding issues of criminal justice as well as advised numerous non-profit organizations regarding justice reform strategies.

James E Iii Wilhelm has made more than 11 trades of American Campus Communities stock since 2009. On 3 November 2021 he sold 5,396 shares for over $1.909 Million on SEC Form 4. Additionally he holds over $5.19 Million worth of ACC shares currently. James also serves as Executive Vice President of Public-Private Transactions with American Campus Communities.

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