Daniel Wims

AAMU Names Daniel Wims As President

Huntsville, Alabama– Alabama A&M University (AAMU) has chosen Daniel Wims as its next president by voting 7-4 on Saturday. Hugine Jr.’s term expired and Daniel was expected to take his place.

Wims currently holds the position of provost and vice president for academic affairs and research as well as professor of agricultural sciences at Fort Valley State University, having extensive experience serving historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

Early Life and Education

Born and raised in Lumpkin, Georgia, Wims earned his undergraduate agronomy degree at Fort Valley State University before going on to receive both master’s and doctoral degrees from Ohio State.

Darrell holds memberships with both the African Methodist Episcopal Church and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, regularly attending student events like football games, basketball games, Honors Program Induction ceremonies, and Miss AAMU Coronations.

Wims was chosen by the board of trustees after interviewing two presidential search finalists during an executive session Saturday and will replace retiring President Andrew Hugine Jr. who will step down December 31st. His primary task will be repairing relationships between university administration and faculty members and maintaining order on campus.

Professional Career

As provost, Wims has earned the respect of veteran faculty while successfully managing challenges at universities of various sizes. His leadership enabled them to achieve consensus for eliminating degree programs, restructuring academic affairs and creating more stringent promotions processes.

His extensive background working for national councils and major enterprises, serving on accreditation teams and rising through academic ranks have all prepared him well for his new role as Head of STEM Institute – an institution which fosters earnest scholars while offering undergraduate, graduate, certificate and doctoral degrees to its scholars.

Wims began his tenure touring Alabama high schools to distribute scholarships. Throughout this tour, he thanked key influencers including AAMU Faculty Senate President Jeanette Jones as well as numerous mentors for their contribution.

Achievement and Honors

Wims was appointed the 12th president on January 1, following his time as provost, vice president for academic affairs and research and professor of agricultural sciences for more than ten years – having also held posts at Fort Valley State, South Carolina State, Alcorn State universities as part of their 1890 land-grant tradition.

At Fort Valley State University he completed both the American Association of State Colleges and Universities Millennium Leadership program as well as Hampton University’s Executive Leader Development program, earning two degrees: bachelor from Fort Valley State and two masters degrees from Ohio State and Maryland-College Park respectively.

He takes an avid interest in women’s issues and actively supports the Women in Medicine & Science group at the UC College of Medicine – WIMS for which he will host a virtual presentation this fall.

Personal Life

He is a member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Omega Psi Phi fraternity and has previously served as itinerant elder. Additionally, he holds both a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Fort Valley State University as well as a Master’s in agricultural extension from Ohio State University.

He is married to Daphne Wims and has three children, and boasts an impressive list of credits and achievements, such as two BAFTA awards, one Palme d’Or award, as well as several other significant honors. Additionally, his career included success on the Sunshine Tour where he gained full playing privileges in 1990 before winning tournaments before large audiences.

Net Worth

As provost and vice president for academic affairs and professor of agricultural sciences at Fort Valley State University (VA), South Carolina State University (SCSU), Florida A&M University and Alcorn State University. Wims has amassed years of experience serving historically black colleges that adhere to the 1890 land-grant tradition.

He has also earned a career in financial services as an investment advisor with Thrivent Investment Management Inc of Canyon Country, California, holding both Series 63 and 66 licenses with 16 years of industry experience.

APR reported recently on allegations by three women and one man alleging sexual harassment by Wims at A&M University, along with close to two dozen current or former A&M employees or former employees corroboration for such allegations as well as discussion on Wims’ behavior towards them.

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