Daniel Woodward

The Life of Daniel Woodward

Daniel Woodward serves as Executive Director for Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings, a nationwide collegiate nonprofit dedicated to developing young military and civilian servant leaders through community service opportunities and unique professional development experiences. Additionally, he was previously Commander of Embry-Riddle University’s Air Force ROTC unit located in Daytona Beach.

Early Life and Education

Woodward was born in Geneva, Illinois and attended Yale University on a Naval ROTC scholarship. He majored in English literature and history before soon after graduation joining the Navy to serve four years as an officer.

Woodward made significant contributions to organic chemistry during his early professional career. He worked on structurally elucidating penicillin and researching synthetic routes to quinine; made total syntheses such as cholesterol, cortisone, lanosterol as well as several antibiotics such as Terramycin and Aureomycin; also synthesized various total syntheses of steroids including cholesterol and cortisone as well as total syntheses of lanosterol terpene.

After retiring from WPCSD, Dan was an engaged member of his community. He became especially active with Loucks Games – an invitational track and field meet held annually in White Plains – enjoying golf, eclectic music, electric trains and history, in addition to advocating for democracy while being an excellent family man.

Professional Career

Daniel Woodward brings extensive business and educational experience. He holds a bachelor of civil engineering from Colorado State University and is certified professional engineer. Additionally, his impressive resume boasts working at several renowned organizations with notable successes throughout his career.

He disproved heroic images of “Bourbon” Democrats and the booster ideal of a truly prosperous and redeemed New South, and his writing brought a more critical eye to studying southern history. His seminal works remain key texts in their field.

He oversees Air Force security cooperation programs, such as selling military equipment to foreign governments. In addition, he provides analysis and advice regarding current politico-military affairs. Furthermore, he serves on both the Inter-American Defense Board delegation and Joint Mexico-U.S. Defense Commission as Air Force representative.

Achievement and Honors

Danny is a retired Air Force Brigadier General with over 28 years of military service. Currently he serves as executive director of Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings – an international nonprofit that develops military and civilian servant leaders through community service projects and distinctive professional development experiences – nationwide collegiate nonprofit organization.

He was also renowned scientist and author of books on organic chemistry, known for his groundbreaking contributions to chemical reaction mechanisms theory that allowed scientists to plan and execute longer sequences of reactions that led to creating complex compounds. His pioneering work on organic molecules stands as an iconic achievement within this field.

Woodward is known for his investigative journalism. In 2002, he won a Pulitzer Prize for The Washington Post’s coverage of the aftermath of September 11 attacks and its effects. Since then he has written multiple books on presidential administrations – such as Bush at War (2010) and Plan of Attack (2012) – both which earned him another Pulitzer prize award.

Personal Life

Dan was always modest about his many achievements, giving credit to others for their hard work. Additionally, he took great delight in spending time with his family: for over 39 years he was married to his beloved Sam; loving husband to their daughters Nicole Danielle Stark Miller and Samantha Miller and extraordinary father of Zoe and Joshua Miller who were their extraordinary grandchildren.

He was an ideal gentleman and had an infectious sense of humor. He enjoyed golf, eclectic music, electric trains and history; in addition, he had an ardent love of democracy as an avid reader.

He was an active member of both the Polish Club and Washingtonville Fire Hall. His sister Ruth Cason and Louise Edney, nieces and nephews are left mourning his passing, in addition to many friends and colleagues that loved him so deeply.

Net Worth

Woodward has become internationally acclaimed for his dedication to uncovering political events and holding those in power accountable, earning him both fame and fortune along the way. Thanks to him, many lives now enjoy comfortable lives courtesy of Woodward’s writings.

All the President’s Men, Woodward and Bernstein’s most well-known work, was an enormously popular bestseller that eventually went on to be turned into a film adaptation. This success elevated both Woodward and Bernstein to celebrity status while creating widespread curiosity about who called themselves Deep Throat.

As of 2023, Woodward is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $25 Million. His wealth largely stems from his prolific writing career and numerous bestselling books. Currently living at 6382 Circle Dr Chincoteague Island VA 23336 Accomack County.

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