Daniela Artury

Daniela Artury – Colombian Model

Daniela Antury is a Colombian model known for her videos on Instagram. With 18k subscribers and millions of views to her videos, she makes money through ads shown within them as well as having a premium photo account on Onlyfans where she uploads premium images for her fans.

Early Life and Education

Daniela Artury was born on the 3rd of May 2004. She currently studies at Columbia University as an undergraduate. Recruiters had shown interest in her, however Columbia was chosen due to its diverse and driven students which could help her reach her goals more quickly.

She serves as editor of CavsConnect and majoring in history, while serving as historian for Mu Alpha Theta and fundraising chair for blood drives. When not working or studying history, she enjoys reading and archery as her hobbies.

Daniela is an animal rights activist and vegan. She owns two horses and a dog. Daniela loves rock climbing, watching the TV show Survivor, rock climbing on her own as well as competing in various tumbling competitions across Europe, winning multiple awards during each one.

Personal Life

Daniela Andrade is an esteemed social media influencer with over 184,000 followers on Instagram and videos that are popular worldwide. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta Canada; currently she is in a relationship where both partners provide great support.

Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy and Edith Piaf’s La Vie en Rose by Sherie Claxton went viral on YouTube in 2014 and were featured in season two of Netflix show Umbrella Academy.

Daniela Antury can also be found on Onlyfans with a paid account where she posts new videos, Twitter: @danielaantury and her official website: https://www.danielaanturyofficial.com/ where she regularly uploads pictures. Follow her social media to keep informed of any developments!

Professional Career

Danielle’s career came to a close due to a rule change which prevented her from competing in future Para-Archery contests; however, this has not deterred her from embarking upon an successful speaking career, where she discusses strategies she used to overcome any restrictions imposed upon her.

She is also an internationally acclaimed acupuncturist who uses this discipline to assist athletes recover from injury and maintain peak performance, and work with clients on helping manage their health through lifestyle changes.

Daniela currently boasts 180k subscribers on YouTube & has amassed more than 100 million views for her videos and photos on PH. Daniela’s current boyfriend remains unknown to her; they both provide valuable support as Daniela builds her career; both parties earn handsome sums from Daniela’s videos & photos uploaded onto PH.

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