Daniela Hilpp

Interview With Daniela Hilpp

Daniela Hilpp has an immense love of radio. Since she completed her A Levels she has worked as both Moderator and Copyeditor; since joining SWR she now hosts their classic Morning Show.

Daniela made her inaugural experience of moderating at Sunshine Live as part of her practicas. At Energy Stuttgart she joined the program director in moderating an event.

Early Life and Education

Daniela Hilpp was raised in Karlsruhe, Germany. At her high school she excelled academically, earning the J. Luster Godbey Award – bestowed upon those demonstrating outstanding academic achievements, outstanding effort in class, positive participation in extracurricular activities and character traits which earn the respect of both peers and teachers.

Hilpp made her career decision early on: she got her start as a moderator at SWR3 where she researched topics, wrote articles, participated in discussion panels and moderated talk shows, radio winchspielen and hosted live concerts.

At that point, she discovered her passion: moderating. It seemed the ideal path for her and so she decided to pursue this career path.

Professional Career

Daniela Hilpp was dedicated to her profession of journalism. She conducted extensive research, contributed articles, and even co-hosted the morning show during certain periods.

She excelled at participating in radio contests and hosting live concerts – two activities she found very enjoyable – so her career in moderating came naturally to her.

She began her radio hosting career by holding down a long-term gig with Sunshine Live. There she gained extensive experience and developed her own approach to moderation. Now part of the station team, her duties include celebrity news updates, lifestyle topics and trends, musical content presentation as well as musical content production – earning her many fans!

Achievement and Honors

Daniela Hilpp has had an exceptional career. Since her graduation from high school she has been hosting radio shows as a moderator. With great dedication and passion she continues her craft while always searching for ways to improve it further.

She recently was selected as USC Sea Grant’s 2021 Community Engaged Intern, where she spent the summer working on plastic reduction regulations – an experience both educational and rewarding for her.

She currently hosts SWR3’s morning show, airing across Baden-Wurttemberg, Rheinland-Pfalz and Berlin on Kanal 11A as well as online via its web stream. In addition to offering current news, weather, traffic updates, comedy and Gewinnspiele – according to Media-Analyst SWR3 has the highest public radio ratings of any German public radio program.

Personal Life

Hilpp soon after completed her Abitur, she pursued several internships in radio. Starting with Sunshine live as Redaktionsvolontariat and moderater of their Morning Show; this experience gave her much knowledge in how to interact with an audience and build rapport. Later she worked as concert promoter, TV hostess and model.

She eventually found her niche in radio and is an adept broadcaster with an undeniable sense of style that sets her apart. Full of energy and always eager to learn, she’s also an exceptional team player and loved by colleagues – making her an excellent selection for any show or station! With such bright future prospects ahead of her.

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