Daniela Moreno

The Case of Liliana Moreno and Daniela Moreno

Liliana Moreno and Daniela were an outrage to all who live in Miami-Dade county when they disappeared on May 30, 2016 from their Doral home and left behind with all personal documents such as passport, driver’s license, and credit cards. Police immediately began searching dumpsters as well as land and water in search of mother and daughter.

Early Life and Education

Moreno has made appearances on several television series such as The Muppet Show, The Rockford Files, and Jane the Virgin. She has also appeared in feature films and plays including Summer and Smoke by William Shakespeare and as one of two leading characters alongside Yul Brynner in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The King and I film version from 1976.

Moreno’s disappearance has gripped both law enforcement and the general public alike, prompting the FBI to offer a $25,000 reward in her case. Gustavo Castano – Daniella’s biological father – is suspected in her disappearance due to his connections to them, inconsistent statements made and involvement with criminal activities; though no formal charges have been brought against him as yet; nonetheless he remains an important person of interest within this investigation; Moreno family members continue hoping for resolution in this tragic affair.

Professional Career

Daniela Moreno brings years of experience to her role at Zalando SE as Local Brand Marketing Assistant, supporting brand and sales campaigns, planning local events and performing competitor analysis. Additionally, Daniela served INSearch as Project Coordinator coordinating projects throughout the country while communicating with stakeholders.

She was honored with selection to the CoSIDA Academic All-American Third Team for her success both on and off of the golf course. Additionally, her academic accolades included receiving a Deans’ Award from College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and being included on GLIAC All-Academic Excellence Team.

Moreno has successfully combined her athletic and acting careers, appearing in movies such as 80 for Brady and Fast X as Abuelita Toretto – Grandmother to Dom (Vin Diesel) and Jakob Toretto (Jordana Brewster).

Achievement and Honors

Over her career, she has won multiple accolades, such as the Presidential Medal of Freedom and Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award. Additionally to acting and singing, she is an acclaimed author.

She made her film debut as Abuelita Toretto in Vin Diesel’s Fast and Furious franchise alongside John Cena and Jordana Brewster; additionally she also appeared in 80 For Brady.

Economics major Daniella Altfeld-Moreno was honored six times this year to earn the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll with term GPAs of 3.5+ and membership on WSU Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and Student Leadership Council. Additionally, she mentors 39 first year students while creating, budgeting, and implementing educational programs focused on social development and diversity awareness. Daniella Altfeld-Moreno Scholarship supports Latino/Latina LGBTQ+ and allies students pursuing postsecondary education.

Personal Life

Daniela Moreno is a Clinical Supervisor at RCG behavioral Health Network. She holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology; with an emphasis in ABA. Daniela owns two dogs named Oliver and Khloe whom she often spends time with.

Liliana Stella Moreno and Daniella Moreno went missing in May 2016, yet no answers or justice has been provided by authorities to their family members.

Gustavo Castano is the primary suspect in this case. He knew Liliana well and was romantically involved with her at the time of their disappearance, prompting law enforcement officials to be suspicious of his connections and behavior. Furthermore, Castano has given conflicting statements and been uncooperative with investigators, fueling further speculation as to his involvement in their disappearance.

Net Worth

Liliana Stella Moreno and Daniella have long held the attention of law enforcement agencies and members of the public alike, since their disappearance over six years ago. Investigators continue to pursue leads and examine evidence in an attempt to uncover what truly caused their departures from this life.

Gustavo Castano, Liliana’s former flame and Daniella’s father, has become a primary suspect in their disappearance case. Due to his connections to both families as well as inconsistent statements he has made regarding this investigation, which have raised doubts as to his involvement.

Moreno boasts over 1.1 million Instagram followers and runs a YouTube channel dedicated to aesthetically focused videos. She has made numerous television appearances in Spain as well as estimated net worth estimated at $5 Million; being the richest sport cyclist from Spain.

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