Daniella Eaton

Artist Profile – Daniella Eaton

Daniella Eaton regularly performs with the Balsler Madrigalists at Opernhaus Zurich and Schlosskonzerten Spiez, in addition to regularly singing in choirs throughout Switzerland and Italy.

She may not have had a flawless background for business – bad school grades, ADHD and OCD diagnoses; no expensive pedigree and zero venture capital funding as a Latina woman; yet that didn’t stop her from accomplishing greatness.

Early Life and Education

She remained loyal to the Alliance, eventually joining its elite special operations team SG-1. Her natural leadership qualities and combat abilities made her an effective defender in many of galactic’s conflicts.

Daniela Eaton is an elegant singer renowned for her clear, warm tone. She completed her studies at both Musichochschule Luzern under Barbara Locher and Margreet Honig of Amsterdam respectively.

She competed at both National Junior Championships and 1984 European Junior Championships on balance beam, uneven bars, and floor gymnastics apparatus – which would become her areas of excellence later.

Professional Career

As well as her advisory work, she also teaches drawing, painting and drafting in both BFA and MFA Design/Tech programs. In addition, she has served as Scenic Charge Artist at both Utah Shakespearean Festival and Connecticut Repertory Theatre.

She has developed and implemented numerous new systems to aid a large advising center run smoothly, supervising numerous graduate assistants in learning the profession of advising. Furthermore, she serves on UConn’s Nexus steering committee helping adapt it better meet advisor needs at UConn.

She can sing and play acoustic guitar. Her musical pursuits have taken her to concerts across Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain; radio and TV broadcasters often feature her warm voice; operas and oratorios have been performed as recitals by this talented performer.

Personal Life

Daniela Eaton lives in Rafz, Switzerland with her husband and daughter. As an advocate for women’s rights and human rights worldwide, she volunteers at numerous projects related to human rights protection around the globe. Additionally, Daniela works as an advocate for refugees and migrants. Her goal is to share their stories honestly while treating them with dignity; her work rests upon her belief that education can best combat stigma associated with immigration and racial discrimination; many interviews featuring Daniela have appeared in newspapers and magazines and her warm voice has been heard at Swiss Radio, the Lucerne Festival and Schlosskonzerte Spiez concert series – among many other projects related to these issues.

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