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Since 1959, Daniels Electronics has provided customers in North America and internationally with highly reliable base stations and repeaters that can operate under harsh and extreme temperature conditions with low current consumption, making them solar powered.

Daniels Acquisition will likely be earnings per share accretive in FY14 as it is integrated into Codan’s Radio Communications division.

Early Life and Education

Daniels serves as Principal Double Bassist of the Oklahoma Chamber Symphony and regularly performs cello, keyboard synthesizer and theremin at CMS conferences. Additionally, he works as both software engineer and composer.

He was an ardent community advocate and champion for UB’s Early Opportunity Program in Medicine, which recruits undergraduate students from underrepresented communities into medical school. He regularly dined on the first floor of Jacobs School and always made sure to greet students by name.

Daniels Electronics produces highly reliable land mobile radio systems with ground to air radio technology for two-way communications, paging, data transfer, cross band trunking applications between 29 MHz and 960 MHz. Codan acquired Daniels Electronics in 2012 and integrated them into its LMR division.

Professional Career

Codan Electronics specialises in designing and manufacturing high value added electronic products in three key business divisions: radio communications, metal detection and mining technology. Headquartered in Mawson Lakes in South Australia, they maintain an international distribution network.

Codan acquired Daniels Electronics in 2012 in order to meet its strategy of increasing market share and diversifying product offerings. This acquisition fit perfectly with Codan’s goal of expanding market share while diversifying its product offering.

This company manufactures low current mountain top radio repeater systems from 29-960 MHz in frequencies 29-960MHz for use by telecom companies, utilities, oil & gas companies, forestry organisations and various government departments. Their P25 digital repeaters enable interoperability between emergency response governmental organizations as well as solar powered sites or transportable solutions while offering enhanced functionality & encryption features.

Achievement and Honors

An award is presented each year to individuals whose career achievements have inspired us with their drive and innovation. A panel of judges from different fields selects a winner.

Daniels Electronics of Mawson Lakes, South Australia provides industry-leading open standard radio communication solutions that are robust and reliable under extreme conditions. Their P25 digital repeaters are ideal for remote locations requiring low current consumption such as those using solar energy to power a remote environment.

John holds Fellowship status with both IEEE and IMAPS – two leading institutes in electrical and electronics engineering – which is recognized for his contributions to microelectronic development through leadership and research at Motorola.

Personal Life

Personal life encompasses those aspects of an individual’s existence that aren’t publicly apparent, including relationships, beliefs, hobbies and activities that enhance overall well-being and satisfaction.

Daniels Electronics develops and manufactures highly reliable land mobile radio communications (LMR) solutions for use by fire services organisations, police forces, ambulance services, forestry organizations, military bases and highway and road contractors. Their products feature open standard radio communication technologies designed to withstand harsh climate conditions with low current requirements.

Codan’s acquisition of Daniels further enhances their presence in the LMR market and expands their product offering. Codan intends to integrate Daniels products into its current global distribution network.

Net Worth

His net worth as of 2023 is estimated at $500,000. He earns this fortune through composing music for video games and performances, and owns shares in Mojang developer, where Minecraft was originally developed.

Codan Limited announced on August 7, 2012, its acquisition of Daniels Electronics Limited (Daniels), a designer and manufacturer of land mobile radio communications solutions in North America. This acquisition allows Codan to diversify their offerings while expanding their distribution networks both domestically and worldwide.

Daniel J Phelan currently owns one company in the US, including TE Connectivity Ltd (TEL) that was purchased on August 10, 2021 for approximately $5 Million and acquired on August 10th of that year. Daniel also conducted 9 buy transactions and no sales during this period.

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