Danny Fuller

Danny Fuller is an American photographer and surfer renowned for his long exposure photographs of ocean and sky taken at night with only moonlight as their source. These pictures blur the distinction between land, water and horizon, creating mysterious yet vaporous atmospheres in his photographs.

At times when life seems grim and dismal, it’s so heartening to witness people engaged in activities they love while taking great pleasure from it.

Early Life and Education

Danny Fuller’s charisma and surfing ability quickly earned him roles in surf videos and the WB reality series Boarding House: North Shore. Additionally, he competes on the world tour for big wave surfing; this has also resulted in modeling gigs and commercial opportunities.

He’s famous for his epic rides and equally epic wipeouts, landing him on the covers of multiple surf magazines and becoming an instant celebrity on the world circuit. His good looks and relaxed charm has also cemented his place among surfers worldwide.

At Black Mountain College, Fuller taught experimental design studios influenced by the Bauhaus legacy. He also invented the geodesic dome on the principle that a sphere encloses maximum area with minimum surface area.

Professional Career

Fuller hails from Kauai and is an accomplished pro surfer, artist, model, photographer, world traveler and family man. He has appeared in campaigns for major brands with supermodels – most recently booking an international Chanel campaign this year!

After his high school sophomore year, he decided to homeschool himself so as to focus on surfing full-time and has embarked on an impressive career path. His good looks and casual demeanor have propelled him onto the world surf tour while also being featured as part of WB reality show Boarding House: North Shore.

Fuller’s abstractions perfectly capture that soulful moment of total confidence and calm that professional surfers must find before diving head first into lethal monster waves or entering dangerous reef barrels.

Achievement and Honors

Danny Fuller is an all-round creative mind/surfer/model/photographer/world traveler/etc. who has achieved remarkable results in globally recognized competitions like Volcom Pipe Masters as well as modeling for some of the leading fashion brands alongside supermodels.

He possesses an astounding eye for photography and recently showcased his talent at an esteemed gallery in Los Angeles.

As well as his consulting practice, he has actively promoted several technical societies and made significant contributions to engineering publications. He is widely considered one of the foremost authorities in his field.

Personal Life

As Danny Fuller is the eldest brother, his responsibilities as an eldest are taken seriously. A meticulous person, Danny has everything organized perfectly. Surfing is also his passion – finding those perfect waves while trying to balance time spent searching out massive waves with creating works for exhibits in his art studio.

Danny moved to Oahu’s North Shore to follow his passion for surfing. Homeschooling himself allowed him to surf every day and compete at the Volcom Pipeline Masters competition.

Danny lives with his three daughters D.J. and Stephanie as well as Jesse and Comet the dog in a clean house he enjoys keeping tidy for them and his own protection of his daughters.

Net Worth

Fuller is a professional surfer, standard surfer, photographer and filmmaker who is an endorser for RVCA, Quiksilver, Raen Optics Byrne Surfboards Oakley Futures as well as known for his distinctive goofy surfing stance he can often be found appearing in videos such as Arena: North Shore Heavy Water Zero etc.

Tori Praver, a swimwear designer and fashion model since 2013, and Fuller have two children together. Fuller was born in Hanalei on Kauai in Hawaii on February 15, 1982 and married Tori on the island on 2013.

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