Darin Thomas

Darin Thomas – Achieving Success As a Coach

Darin Thomas has over 15 years of coaching experience and currently works at Muhlenberg College as the director of fitness, strength and conditioning. At this position he oversees programs for individual athletes as well as teams using various modalities relating to strength training, nutrition and conditioning.

At UT Arlington, Thomas has mentored 56 all-conference performers (21 first team selections). These athletes include three SLC Tournament Most Valuable Players and an ERA champion; in addition, Thomas boasts 12 wins over top-10 teams.

Early Life and Education

Darin Thomas was an energetic individual who lived life to its fullest. He enjoyed having fun and would do anything possible to assist people he encountered – from helping those in need to helping out those just passing by. A true redneck at heart, Darin loved country life immensely.

Growing up in Edwardsville, Illinois he attended college at the University of Illinois where he participated in marching band and illini pep band activities before graduating with high honors.

He served as head baseball coach at UT Arlington for 22 seasons, racking up 404 wins during that time and overseeing 41 Mavericks players being drafted to Major League Baseball. Additionally, he held this position with semi-pro Liberal Bee Jays for four summers. Beyond coaching duties he was actively engaged in charitable endeavors such as Step It Up Foundation and Jennings Community Food Pantry.

Professional Career

Thomas was an iconic linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs who made a name for himself with his pass rushing skills. During his second season he broke an NFL record by recording seven sacks, which went on to total 116.5 throughout his 11-season career. Additionally he forced 45 fumbles while recovering 19 during that span.

Thomas graduated from the Air Force Academy and joined ESA after completion of basic training in November 2010, joining multiple mission preparation activities including exploration-related ground simulations and flying time on parabolic flight program for space agencies. Thomas holds an Air Transport Pilot License-Instrument Rating; having accrued over 2,300 flight hours across commercial aircraft.

Achievement and Honors

Darin Thomas has led UT-Arlington baseball to three 30-win seasons during his four-year tenure as head coach, becoming only the second winningest coach in program history. Under his tutelage, they’ve won back-to-back conference championships and an NCAA appearance this decade. Thomas was a key part of Glamorgan’s 1997 Championship success; his increased accuracy and strike rate were two key components to their victory; additionally he played professional baseball in both United Kingdom and USA.

Personal Life

Thomas knew it would be challenging, yet knew failure wasn’t an option – Adrie Cooke is among his students who loves and respect him greatly.

He holds both strength and conditioning certification from the NSCA as well as level 1 USA Weightlifting Federation club coaching credentials. In his professional capacity he has given many presentations about power development, multi-directional speed agility training and conditioning at various NSCA clinics.

Mr. Hoye is an active member of Charity Baptist Church in Indianapolis and enjoys golfing, fishing and camping with his wife and three children Megan, Ryan and Reed. Additionally he has great admiration for Portland Timbers coach Caleb Sturgis as his favorite professional team.

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