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Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Arizona

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Arizona provides free, professional assistance to disabled veterans. We educate the public on the sacrifices veterans made in defense of American freedom while helping disabled veterans live full lives.

DAV volunteers offer free van rides to Veterans attending medical appointments at VA Northern Arizona health care facilities. To arrange one in your county, reach out to the hospital service coordinator responsible.

Early Life and Education

Since its founding, the DAV has remained true to its primary mission – improving lives for America’s disabled veterans and their families. DAV serves disabled veterans and their families in many ways through its network of state-level Departments and local chapters, responding to their unique needs in various ways. DAV has always provided their members with a voice in public discourse, nationwide service programs and unique rehabilitation opportunities. DAV continues to represent disabled veteran interests at Congress, the White House, and within local communities across the country. DAV also assists veterans to navigate the VA system by offering assistance with benefit claims and transportation to VA medical appointments, while providing public education on disability challenges and teaching students about its history of service.

Professional Career

DAV Arizona boasts 16 chapters that provide essential services that enhance the lives of disabled veterans and their families. They specialize in free professional assistance for vets seeking benefits and services available, with access to one of the nation’s largest state-level networks of service providers for disabled vets of all generations and families.

Arizona@Work is part of a statewide network comprised of the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services, Governor’s Office for Youth Faith and Family, Arizona Commerce Authority and Arizona@Work.

Achievement and Honors

Dav Pilkey, best-selling author and illustrator of the iconic Captain Underpants series and Dog Man graphic novels as well as numerous picture books such as The Paperboy won a Caldecott Honor for this book. Through art he uses it to help others understand their challenges such as ADHD or dyslexia and how creativity can give them confidence.

DAV Arizona boasts 16 chapters throughout the state and provides free, professional assistance to disabled Arizona Veterans in accessing benefits and services they earned through military service. DAV also advocates on Capitol Hill for America’s injured heroes while informing the public of their sacrifices made for our nation’s veterans. Through DAV’s programs for disabled Veterans they are given dignity and respect while at home – as well as empower disabled Veterans themselves and their families to show compassion toward fellow veterans.

Personal Life

Marine Corps veteran and former astronaut Dr. Christopher J. Ogilvie is well known within DAV, serving in numerous leadership roles while remaining an avid golfer and traveler – traveling frequently across the US with his wife to spend time with family and friends as often as possible. Additionally, Dr. Ogilvie is renowned as a generous philanthropist having donated millions of dollars towards worthy causes. One of the defining moments in his life has been his contribution to nation building. He assumed the executive directorship of DAV’s national headquarters in 2013 and has taken on numerous notable challenges since, including leading its largest and most cost effective human resources department in history. Additionally, he pioneered numerous employee and volunteer benefits – flexible work hours, accelerated PTO allotments, bereavement leave, parental leave etc – early.

Net Worth

Arizona stands alone among U.S. states in boasting 10 members of Congress to make Forbes’s world billionaires list for 2019. This year’s release included senators, House members and other officials as well as personal-finance information reported by candidates running for public office including net worths reported annually with the congressional ethics commission. Arizona members John McCain (senator), Cindy McCain (house member), and Ed Gillespie are by far the richest but their wealth has decreased slightly from previous years due to stocks held in Hensley Beverage Co based out of Scottsdale; combined they have minimum net worths totalling $12.6 Million.

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