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DAV Claremore Gives Back to the Community

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) of Claremore, Oklahoma is an organization dedicated to empowering veterans to live high-quality lives with respect and dignity. To this end, they provide veteran programs in the community, provide benefits to injured soldiers at Capitol Hill and transition back into civilian life after service. DAV of Claremore has recently partnered with Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma on a mobile pantry which will distribute fresh produce, bakery items and non-pershable food items directly to veterans in need in Claremore.

Early Life and Education

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At an unprecedented rate, brains develop during this period and it is critical that parents support their development during this period of rapid brain growth. Furthermore, this foundational phase also establishes the basis for future learning experiences, social interactions, and academic success.

This area of research examines the developmental milestones, skills and concepts children reach during their preschool years (birth to age five). While certain programs focus on school readiness, others take an interdisciplinary approach that promotes both mental and emotional well-being in children.

Achievement and Honors

Abigail Jones, Blake Hougland and Leah Krueger recently earned 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards from the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary for essays written about Americanism. Students met with DAV Commander Millie Moseley and Chaplin JoAnn Willm on Monday to accept their awards.

Dav Claremore has earned numerous prestigious awards and honors throughout his life. As an accomplished scientist with a Ph.D in Biostatistics from the University of Oklahoma, Dav is widely celebrated.

Rogers State University also boasts of his expertise as a professor of biology and chemistry; he has published many articles and books related to his research.

He has long been an advocate for education both locally and statewide. He has served on the Board of Education in multiple capacities as well as belonging to multiple local civic organizations.

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