Dave Landau Wife

Does Dave Landau Have a Wife?

You might be wondering if Dave Landau is married. Landau is a well-known stand-up comedian who was a finalist on the eighth season’s Last Comic Standing. He dropped out from high school to study theatre. He has appeared on numerous TV shows and is also a TV personality. The comedian married his wife, Jennifer, when he was just twenty-five years old. Here is more information on his personal life.

Dave Landau is an American stand-up comedian and actor. His career began in 2003 with Night Shift. He then became a third chair at Blaze Tv’s Louder With Crowder. He was a co-host on The Anthony Cumia Show for two years. They have a son together and plan to start a family. Their child is believed to be around two years old.

Landau has a fair complexion, dark brown eyes, and a chubby build. His hair is always styled in a funky way. He also has dark hair and a black beard. Landau’s height is unknown. His wife is also a producer and writer. She is a friend and has published many books. Dave is a very private person, but there are rumors that he has a wife.

Dave Landau is an actor, comedian and writer. He is 39 years old and was born in Detroit. He has a troubled history. He was a victim of police violence and drugs when he was a teenager. He later became a stand-up comedian and has since released several comedy albums. Although he is a private man, he is open about his addictions to alcohol and drugs. The couple has a daughter together, which has been a source of pride for both of them.

Landau is also involved in a variety of other activities, apart from his marriage. He has appeared on Night Shift in 2003 and was the voice of Henry Cho in a TV exceptional in 2006. He also appeared in Comics Unleashed in 2014 and in This Is Not Happening in 2018. He will also be appearing in Fox Files, which premieres in 2020. He has been working hard on his career, and was nominated for the eighth season’s Last Comic Standing. He also appears on radio and television shows, including the Anthony Cumia Show.

Dave Landau is married to Martin Butler, who is also a stand-up comedian. He and Butler met while they were in college and had a stand-up show together. Their children were born in the year 2000. Currently, Martin Butler is offline on Instagram. Landau still has a healthy networth. This net worth comes from his nationwide comedy tours and stand-up shows. They have been married since 2000.

Dave Landau is a comedian and has a daughter with Martin Butler. They have a wonderful relationship, even though there is not much information about the child’s age. His social media posts often mention his daughter and wife. The actor’s net worth currently ranges from $10 to $15 millions USD. He is currently working on his career as an actor and comedian. But, as of right now, his net worth has not been revealed publicly.

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