Dave Oxner

Dave Oxner Net Worth

Dave was always fascinated with cars as a child, working his way from garage to garage and honing his skills as an auto mechanic.

His life took an entirely new turn when he met Heavy D. Together they formed the Diesel Brothers and now own both their own business and TV show, both successful in their respective fields.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Dave Oxner was an esteemed expert in the legal field. A member of Perkins Coie law firm, his career focussed on labor and employment law.

He was highly respected by both colleagues and clients, adhering to an ethical philosophy in law practice that stressed fairness in business dealings.

He was an incredible family man. He and his wife Helen built deep roots on Vashon Island, spending every summer there raising their children and enjoying the company of friends and relatives.

Achievements and Honors

Dave was an esteemed attorney with over thirty-eight years of experience practicing real estate and banking law. He frequently spoke at continuing legal education seminars and was a member of the South Carolina Bar, American Bar Association and Richland County Bar.

Dave had a passion for service to others, serving as President and founding board member of the Albany Lions Club, serving on various boards in Athens, Ohio, volunteering for Hospice services there and founding board member of Alexander’s Future Foundation Scholarship Program as well.

He was an enthusiastic USC fan, a passionate Silver Spur donor to the Gamecock Club and an enthusiastic USC student supporter. He was especially proud of his four children who all attended USC; he enjoyed watching them participate in athletics, school and Community Theatre.

Personal Life

Dave Oxner is an American reality TV personality best known for his role as Dave on A&E’s Storage Wars since 2010.

Reality TV star Ben Affleck is also an author, with his books appearing on The New York Times Best Seller List. Additionally, he has been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences and events.

He is an optimist, exuding resilience, service to mankind, personal responsibility and faith in humanity. Having overcome numerous challenges throughout his life, he continues to motivate millions of people around the world to recommit themselves to their dreams, goals and passions.

He is an incredibly hardworking individual who achieved his father’s ambition by opening an auction company. Through the years, he has become extremely successful and amassed a substantial fortune through his career.

Net Worth

Dave Oxner’s net worth is believed to be in the millions. Through his career as a computer engineer and businessman, he has amassed considerable wealth.

He has also inherited much of his father’s wealth after his passing. Currently residing in Northern California, he owns multiple companies.

His career as a TV show host has also earned him widespread popularity. He hosts Fixer to Fabulous and Almost Home, both on HGTV.

Dave has earned himself a loyal fan base thanks to his amazing DIY skills and ability to design stunning yet functional spaces. Additionally, Dave has dedicated himself to aiding children in Zimbabwe through charity work.

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