Dave Schoonover

Dave Schoonover – A Third Party Engaged in the Battle Against Childhood Cancer

Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor has been fighting childhood cancer with every means available, from chemotherapy to radiation. But they’re not alone; another entity has also joined their fight.

Schoonover, a fifth-year senior offensive lineman on the University of Michigan football team, has been making weekly visits to Mott for five years and has made an immense difference in the lives of children who would otherwise be lost to despair.

Early Life and Education

Dave Schoonover was raised in Winona, Minnesota and attended the University of Minnesota where he earned a bachelor’s degree in history. Later he went on to earn both his master’s and Ph.D. In his illustrious academic career he taught at both institutions before pursuing his research interests in Central American history.

He served as curator at the university’s rare books library, helping to develop and maintain an impressive selection of high-end collections. He authored numerous articles and received awards for his achievements in book conservation and fine binding. Even better, he’s always available to answer queries about his accomplishments. Plus, you can get up to $500 ExtraCash(tm) advances when opening a Dave Spending account via the app!

Professional Career

Dave Schoonover has extensive professional experience in the business and entertainment sectors. He has held various sales, marketing and new business development roles for numerous companies over the years.

He has served on various boards of institutions/organizations. Currently, he works as the General Manager at Pro Chrysler.

Dave Schoonover has performed in numerous national and regional tours of Broadway shows throughout his career, as well as several productions at the New York Musical Theatre Festival.

He is an active philanthropic leader within the university, leading numerous service-learning initiatives and mentoring student organizations. Additionally, he was named a Distinguished Professor in Service.

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

Dave Schoonover is an accomplished actor who has starred in various plays and movies.

Dave Schoonover has earned multiple nominations throughout his career, including being nominated for Best Performance in a Musical for his role as The Scarlet Pimpernel.

While in college, he was an active volunteer for his school’s charity organization and served as a philanthropic ambassador for the University of Michigan.

He has a deep-seated passion for helping children battle cancer, and has become an integral part of the University of Miami’s renowned “From the Heart” program at Mott Children’s Hospital. Visiting Mott nearly every week for five years, he’s encouraged other UM players to do likewise.

Net Worth

At the Frank Castle trial, Schoonover was called as a character witness to help defend Castle. As an experienced United States Marine who served with the Cerberus Squad in Afghanistan, his testimony proved crucial in helping defend Castle.

He suffered the loss of his hand during the battle, but had it replaced with a prosthetic claw arm. Subsequently, he rose to become one of New York City’s most powerful drug lords, using his position to covertly transport heroin from Afghanistan.

Karen Page visited Schoonover’s home and inquired about Frank Castle; he shared stories of their time together. However, when Page saw a photograph of Gosnell, she became convinced Schoonover was actually Blacksmith and proceeded to threaten him with her gun.

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