Dave Seeley

Dave Seeley

Dave Seeley is an award-winning illustrator whose artwork has been featured in various genre properties. A self-proclaimed image junkie, Seeley draws inspiration from a vast library when creating his pieces.

He then creates his final illustrations using an array of artistic methods, merging together elaborate digital backgrounds, images of live models and hand-built props, as well as exquisite pencil drawings and paintings. The end result is stunning as Seeley skillfully unites these disparate artworks into breathtaking visuals of limitless imagination, scope and beauty.

Early Life and Education

Dave Seeley, who passed away at Staten Island University Hospital on Sunday, was an education professor and reformer who sought to make public schools more equitable for all children. He was witness to many major education battles over the last 60 years, from racial integration to the lead-up to a two-month New York City teachers’ strike.

As a professor of physics at Albion College, he was an early proponent of student-centered learning in the department. He educated hundreds of students through his own atomic physics research as well as managing Albion’s undergraduate research program. For his efforts, he earned three awards: Mark Sheldon Putnam’s Endowed Faculty Award for Mentoring; Campus Programs’ “Bridge” Award and Arthur Anderson New Teacher of the Year recognition.

Professional Career

Dave Seeley is a creative director for several leading branding firms. His portfolio includes the launch, naming, promotion and marketing of numerous TV networks such as CBS, ABC, TBS, truTV, MSG Oxygen Sundance and more.

He has collaborated on the branding of numerous entertainment and non-entertainment brands, helping build Lee Hunt Associates into an internationally renowned entertainment branding firm.

David has an extensive tax practice, specializing in multi-family partnerships, non-profit organizations and individual tax issues. His clients range from major public school districts to a commercial real estate developer. David has represented individuals and business entities alike in severe and traumatic personal injury claims; local business entities as well as litigating cases; as well as representing them in serious criminal trials.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Seeley has achieved many remarkable things in his life. He is a part of several civic organizations in Renfrew and Irondequoit.

He is an acclaimed artist, with his works featured in numerous prestigious galleries and museums around the world.

Furthermore, he was honored with the esteemed RCI Wall of Achievement award, which recognizes former Raiders who have achieved exceptional success in their chosen fields of study.

He has earned numerous accolades for his work as an architect. His style draws inspiration from contemporary sci-fi film noir films.

Personal Life

Dave Seeley is an award-winning science fiction and fantasy illustrator. After studying architecture and fine art for 10 years, he became seduced by the glamour of illustration and abandoned his professional pursuit for its more immediate gratification: image making.

His work has been featured in Workbook, Directory of Illustration; Spectrum and numerous other book collections. Furthermore, it can be found at key galleries and museums such as Abend Gallery and Golden Triangle.

He is married to Temperance Brennan and they have a daughter named Christine Angela as well as son Hank Booth.

They are fiercely proud of their family and dedicated to raising their children with love. His father was an incredible supporter of children, always wanting them to have the best start possible in life. A true western cowboy at heart, he enjoyed spending time outdoors exploring all that nature had to offer him.

Net Worth

Dave Seeley has amassed a net worth of approximately $1 million. As an artist, his works are featured in many prominent galleries and museums around the world.

He has also starred in a variety of films and television shows. Some of his more well-known roles include High School Musical, Another Cinderella Story, and The Shortcut.

Boreanaz has been in the industry for two decades, and his journey has not been without its ups and downs. But he remains dedicated to acting and charity work which have contributed greatly to his wealth accumulation.

He has appeared on many popular television shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Bones. His most recent role was Seal Team which ran for five seasons; he also produced and directed three episodes of the show.

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